Pvp leaderboard - Tainted by bots/exploits?

Not accusing anybody, just a simple poll. :thinking:

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I can confirm from what sirrian said that one guild managed to get on the trophy leaderboard. However as with all leaderboards time and effort skew the results. People claim cheats and hax when they see someone in a video game do better than them.

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Dhjl is tainted by a Gems of War addiction.


I am not sure if he confirmed multi-game playing but i do know that @MrSammy was confirmed as multi-gaming.

@killerman3333 Simultaneous multi-platform playing of this game was fixed in 1.0.9 from what I recall. I have never done it and have no way of testing to see if it still works, but it shouldn’t be possible anymore.

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I do not know if the leaderboards are fixed like that in 2.0 but i do know that you still can play 2 people on one account as i have pulled it off with someone else in florida. Then again our accounts were merged into one which gave us some really abusive bonuses.

dhjl is beyond amazing if they are not using bots or doing 2 player simultaneous logins. I enjoy killing them though. How many hours a day is needed to win over 3K wins in a 7 day period though? 70% of your hours?

I am top 50 player and played an insane amount of time last week. The grind definitely wore me down though.

Where did this number come from? Looking at past weeks, the top rank has around 1700-2600 invade wins at the end of the week, and no player has ever gone over the 3K mark.

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Even at a blistering rate of 90 seconds per match (including load times for reward and opponent selection), 2400 invade wins would still take 60 hours over the week. That is 6 hours straight Monday-Friday, and 15 hours straight on Saturday and Sunday.

If it takes 2 minutes per match, that goes up to 80 hours, 9 hours per weekday and 17 hours Saturday and 18 hours Sunday.


If “bots” include the finger-driven variant, definitely. Also some accounts may be driven by several people.

Does it matter? probably not really for most of players, anyone can see the number of battles at rank 100 or 10 or 1 and find it way beyond anything he would like in number of repeats.

That seems a bit crazy for me to play that many hours. I was top 10 this week but am giving up on being top 5.

I cant get multiple device at same time to work, so I cant have a chance at challenging those at the top of the rankings. Lesson learned for myself…I dont have it in me and it started becoming a chore and not fun anymore for me. I am burnt out now though.

Can people still use multiple devices at same time and if so, why does it not work for me. I tried on Apple and Android device and keep getting same support error message saying servers not in sync and booted off.

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It shouldn’t work anymore, it was fixed in 2.0. If it’s somehow still working for someone, that’s a bug that should be reported, and certainly not abused.

My opinion: it’s not worth forcing yourself to play. Only play when you want, and only as much as is still enjoyable for you. It’s a game, not a job. Playing should not feel like a chore, and if it does, it may be a sign that you should slow down.


wins+loses=total games :smiley: still not make it to 3k but theres gotta be atleast 2900+ atleast one of those weeks. Its just hard for most of us to fathom how is possible to play that many games in any 7 day period but to pull it off consistently. One could not have a steady job, thats just not feasible or at least does not seem so.

The top guy was playing about same amount even before the leaderboards came out, so I assume he actually enjoys playing the game. It’s not too far fetched to believe that out of 20K+ players at least one likes the game enough to use most of their free time to play.

I have a family [6 kids], and a job, so my free time is rather limited. I don’t play when I don’t want to, so no forcing myself to play just for the ranking. So far this week I’ve won over 400 invades, which (if I keep it up) should amount to 700+ by the end of the week (that’s in the top 10 range), yet it doesn’t feel like I’m playing all that much.

I can definitely imagine some players who are faster, have more free time, and like the game more than me, to pull off 2K+ matches a week. I’m actually surprised there are so few of them.


Clearly, with summer here, and 6 kids, each should be able to handle a 4 hour block to make sure dad gets to the top of the leader board each week!


While that could be a good idea, the older 3 still have school (for another month), and the younger 3 are too young to play (effectively or at all).

Besides, I don’t let them play PvP on my account anyway because I fear for my win rate, so they mostly do treasure hunt.


Dhjl is actually a spider. Its pretty easy to play a ton of games quickly with 8 arms and 8 eyes.

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Sounds about right.

No argument here.

I am also a recluse.

And I’m single and childless.

See above. :smirk:


He just admitted it! :astonished:


well i could also point out im sitting at roughly 9k hours for dota, i suppose if i switched addictions i could keep up maybe :smiley: