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Is there cheating going on in PVP?

Please forgive me if this has already been discussed somewhere on the forum. I’ve looked around and haven’t seen anything. So, I noticed that at least two of the players that were at the top of the leaderboard this week are no longer there. Were they removed for some reason? Perhaps they deleted their accounts (I would think this is unlikely)? I thought something was up when one player had nearly 700 wins in the first 15 hours of this week’s event. They may have had that many wins even before then, that’s just when I noticed it. I play this game a ton. I’ve finished in the top 100 of every week’s event since they’ve introduced the leaderboards, except the first week. I usually finish with 300-400 wins. And it takes me quite a while to do that. I could average around 20 wins an hour with my mab team before the nerf. So, are there people cheating in this game? I don’t see how people are putting up some of the numbers they are doing. If so, why do people feel the need to do this? I know, there are plenty of unscrupulous people in the world. But, what’s the point? It’s just a game. Why cheat? How does anyone take pride in being on top of the leaderboard, knowing they had to cheat to do it? Anyway, I’m sure many of these questions can’t be answered. I’m mainly just curious if anyone has heard of some cheating going on? I don’t even know how someone could pull it off. Maybe one of the devs could chime in, if they’re so inclined to do so. By the way, I’m not trying to point fingers at anyone. Maybe the people weren’t even cheating. If not, good on them for putting up those ridiculous numbers. It’s very impressive if it’s legit.


I noticed that they have been removed as well. I can’t think of any reason why they would have been unless some funny business was going on. I really commend the devs for keeping the game clean and fair for us all.


Yeah. Me too. I love this game. And I enjoy trying to climb the leaderboards every week. Even though I know that I will likely never finish an event at number one. I tuned in to Tacet’s stream when he was shooting for the top spot. I know some players are super dedicated, and can put up some ridiculous stats legitly. But, there are definitely times when I see what some people are doing and I just don’t see how they’re doing it. Maybe,I’m just not a very good player.

Yes, unfortunately like all online games, there will always be folks who want to gain an unfair advantage.
They’re not welcome here, and every week we ban a number of accounts for various reasons.
Our 2.0.1 update included a bunch of new security measures aimed at identifying various shenanigans typically employed by unscrupulous players.

As always, it’s our policy to not comment on individual bans in the forums, and I’d like to take this opportunity to remind folks about our NO CALLOUT policy here (this thread has been remarkably well-behaved so far!)


I’m sure that you are a fine player. Top 100 in every week except one is very good. The highest that I have finished at weeks end was 12th, but I loved every second of it. :slight_smile:


Do these guilds that has one or more cheaters, get punished by removing all the trophies that the cheater(s) has gained during all the week(s) they have been in the game? I hope they do. That seems fair for me. :slight_smile:

I forgot to put in: Keep up the good work, this was great news! :smiley:


Thank you for your insight. I didn’t want to name anyone, as I didn’t know if they were cheating or not. Thank you and the rest of the team for trying to make it a level playing field. It is appreciated.

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Haha! Thanks. I get a lot of help from @Tacet for team builds. I have been getting better at putting some of my own teams together though.


Wait, one of those people beat me the week I got global rank 3. I could have won. :frowning:


yeah tacet, you should have won that week

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in any case, if there’s proof that there was cheating involved and the respective people have been banned because of it, it can only be good for the community as a whole …


Alex may have still beaten me, but I ended up giving up early due to unnamed banned person being so far ahead. If unnamed banned person wasn’t there, I would have fought Alex for it.


Sorry to hear that if that’s the case. I tried to tune in to your stream every day. It was fun watching you go for it. It’s a shame that people that are actually putting in a lot of hours to try to reach the top, get beat by someone that’s cheating.

go for it next week!

Haha, no. Never again unless they lift the level cap. xD

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I do worry, that if there are cheaters, would it be possible for these cheaters to get away with it, if they toned it down just enough to be believable? I hope there are ways to stop them no matter what.

Sadly @GREEK-13, every online game has some cheaters that get away with things, mainly because there really is not enough evidences to obtain. One must be 100% sure that its the right thing to do, before one ban someone.


There are people who can pull 60 wins in an hour but some can pull a win every 2 minutes. There is a way to up the frame rate of the game (unless it was fixed) where shrinking the game makes it run faster. [quote=“GREEK-13, post:1, topic:10444”]
If so, why do people feel the need to do this?

As for the why? Chances are they are trying to mythic the new troops that come out. 500 wins is 2500 glory assuming hard mode with no rival/revenge wins. It takes a lot of glory to mythic a new troop.

As a person who made the attempt, i did so because i felt i had no other choice. I had not joined the forums and this was in an older version of the game and i thought if the game is cheating i should too. 20 wins an hour playing the game for 40 hours is 800 wins i think so not unusually high numbers post nerf.[quote=“GREEK-13, post:1, topic:10444”]
I thought something was up when one player had nearly 700 wins in the first 15 hours of this week’s event.
That is a reset bug that has not been fully dealt with yet.

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It wasn’t a reset bug in the case he is speaking of. It’s already been acknowledged in the thread that the shady activity that people have been pointing out all week was legit and the offenders have been banned.


Yes all of the trophies made by banned accounts were removed from the guilds total