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Possible hacking/cheating on pc

Is it possible to get over 30,000 points in the PVP challenge in about a day because if you look at the leaders they seem to have an awful lot of points. If not i think there is a hacking problem. which also means no one will ever have a chance.

Their scores are real. They just play too much. xD

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but how is it possible to get to 30,000 in one day?

Who got 30,000 PVP points in a day?

i looked yesterday morning and they had 30,000 points in first place and he was only lvl 130 odd

The person in first place is level 1000.

Lol. This leaderboard has really psychologically effected people.

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Weekly reset has been wacky lately.
Some people are able to reset a day early on Sunday, thus getting an unfair headstart advantage.
While other experience multiple resets a week :rage:

This realllly needs to be looked at

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He was probably referring to Ethalion who was in first (now 2nd). However, he didn’t get 30,000 in one day as I’ve seen him up on the top since Monday so it’s not like he suddenly appeared up there today.

i also think there should be a better reward system for this as well on the weekly side of it as it is impossible too get in the top 1000

No it’s not. I made top 100 just by playing in my spare time last week which is easy if you have a phone. You just need a good team that can win consistently. One that can hold defenses helps a great deal too, but not as required.

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if i had a dollar for each one of these posts :smiley:


We’d be VIP 10?

We should start placing bets on how many of them will appear in a week.

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Still somehow there is a real disconnect between phone users who can play games “on the side” and exclusive steam players though unless you literally have no life in which case it doesn’t matter if you spend all your waking hours on your phone or in front of a computer.

Fair that. I’m mostly a console player who has been playing mobile more because I am busy and it’s a lot easier to drop a line here or a quick match or 2 on the phone.

Yes, it is. There are over 20K active players, and it is technically impossible for more than 1000 players to be in the top 1000, that means only 5% of players can ever get into top 1000, and 0.5% for top 100.

Saying you made top 100 ‘just’ by doing something or other, you should realize it’s not as easy as you make it to be simply by the fact that only 0.5% are able to do the same, which means the other 99.5% don’t have the amount of free time you do, or the phone, or the troops, so they can’t ‘just do the same’. And even if they all could, that won’t really get all of them to top 100, instead it would send you to rank 10K or so, since you’ll have more competitors for the same 100 places.

In short, the fact that you made top 100 does not prove it possible for other people - on the contrary, the only reason you could get to top 100 with just this much effort, is because for most other people it is indeed impossible.


I can get into the top 100 on day 1 reset… then on the next day i am roasted alive by all the players who have more time on their hands.

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Nice counter-argument

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Yes only 1000 people can make the top 1000. However it’s not “impossible” for any 1 person to do so. Everyone has the chance to. The only restriction a player has is the amount of time they have to devote to it. However if someone can make it by playing part time and not grinding hour after hour, then it’s not so impossible for anyone to be able to make the effort and try.