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A Week at the Top

Dear fellow GOW players,

I just wanted to reflect on a week-long endeavor of reaching the top spot in PVP and share some thoughts with you all.

First, I was pleased with how quickly the devs responded to a situation that came up regarding another player using a cheat program. I think they really do try to make the game fair for everyone.

But my second point, however, is that I firmly believe people not to be named are using a multi-player strategy and it is highly unfair. I won! I got first! It is doable. Unfortunately, the cost was extremely high. I was PVP’ing 18+ hours a day, with little to no sleep, even carrying the mobile into the bathroom just so I can kept up with bots/multiplayer. Any time I’d try to catch a breather, rest, wash, my unnamed competition was moving ahead of me.

In short, I felt it was an unhealthy and life-consuming undertaking.

Perhaps this is what some consider acceptable. If you want to be at the top, you have to go all in, no matter the cost. But what if the competition is not? If they’re simply handing off a device or sharing an account/password with another? They go out, they sleep…meanwhile, I’m running myself into the ground trying to do it fairly. I consider this cheating just as bad as botting-- only use human instead of program. Both types are setting up an extremely unfair situation.

That brings me to my third point, is there even any way of detecting it? I don’t think there is. But while playing my thousandth-plus battle, I did try to think of some sort of solution. One way would be to limit each account’s PVP time to a fair, but reasonable, amount. Anywhere from 8 hours a day, to even 18 hours, make it an even playing field where accuracy and skill become as important as skipping meals and sleep. Or even make two PVP battle charts, similar to ranked and casual, where one is as it is now, and another is limited to X hours a day, may the best player win. We might see a whole new field of players emerge that are able to dedicate 2 hours a day (instead of 12+) and rise to the top, simply by being more effective players than everyone else.

I don’t think I have the all-in-all solution, but I do think we should talk about what I see as a true problem with the fairness of the game. I offered up a possible solution…anyone else got one?

Lastly, those rewards need to be updated and buffed. With the new 2.1 system in place, the only real upside to PVP is personal satisfaction and the … meager… rewards. At least make it worth the effort that has to be put it to make it to that top spot. Perhaps two of each arcane, 300 gems, etc.

It was a very intense week, and I’m glad I did it, but I may not be in a hurry to do it again anytime soon.


I know the feeling from when I did it. :frowning:

Held #1 for 6 days playing 12+ hours a day then got passed on the last day by a now banned bot and the unnamed person you mention.


Yup. I was watching your stream during that week for whole week. I was just level 20-ish back then.

Devil’s Advocate…

It could be another person out there, going non-stop to prove it possible, complaining about how every time they took a break you passed them.

Not saying that there isn’t an issue, or that there aren’t botters and multiplayers, just that it is difficult to prove.

18+ hours a day for 3+ months straight is slightly different. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not saying it isn’t possible, but it is very improbable.


very very true

Congratulations on your win! Placing at the top is a huge commitment of time and effort, and you should be proud of your accomplishment.


When you talked about multi-player do you mean: one player on Steam, one player on ios and one player on Android?
I don’t see how it can benefict to devs to allow this. In fact, it’s the opposite: players can play 3 times more than usual and so complete the game 3 times earlier. So devs have to add new features for the new end-game players…

It should very easy for devs to see when 3 players with the same name account are playing at the same time… They should ahve all sorts of logs for that. So no need to limit the amount of battles/hour ;-).

I think he means, someone just hands whatever device they’re on to a friend or gf/wife. So it never stops. Taking turns on the game with 2-3 people. Which would be dedication. The rewards for getting 1st are horrible. Which is an option open to everyone and completely legal, but I think the Devs need to take a look at changing pvp for this reason.

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[quote=“Tacet, post:5, topic:12995, full:true”]

18+ hours a week[/quote]

18+ hours a week isn’t that much… 18+ hours a day on the other hand…

I placed once in the top 20 when PvP 2.0 first hit. After near-burnout, I decided my continued sanity and enjoyment of the game were more important to me than any reward the ladder could hope to offer. However, I admire those who have the perseverance to place (as long as they do it legitimately!).


Fixed it. Meant to say day. xD

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Thanks. And agreed, it was no fun at all. I was nearly burnout too but I thought if I gave up now, my effort whole week would means nothing. It was my 2nd attempt to reach #1. 2 weeks ago I was 2nd place with only 1k point deficit. I was running out of time. So I said to myself I can’t give up and got 2nd place for 2nd time.


Oh I admire those people too. I think that should be the overall pvp goal, is to funnel more people into going for it. As it stands now, not so much. So I will always congratulate those that achieve it or get close, but it would be nice if they were rewarded for it too. That’s all I meant, is there isn’t really much of a drive to go for first, except self pride, and in the same token the rewards don’t match. It’s really punishment to even go for it. So getting 1st isn’t really something that is an honor anymore. You spend the whole time going for it, get it, then the week just starts over again. Only a few mere “wooohoos” to show for it.

Maybe a permanent badge on your summary screen and in your PvP tile when you come up as one of the three opponents? Something that shows your dedication forevermore.


I was just literally typing that idea up. Materials are nice, but if you’re able to get 1st in pvp, you’re already among the top 1% of players. Chances are you have or are close to having what you need. It should be something that is permanent. I know if you click on their name you’ll see the 1, but that doesn’t mean much. I have highest rank 8 on my profile because I started pvping super early on reset.


Yeah, I originally thought that the top-position was determined at week’s end, not a high watermark during the week. It really devalues the rank since someone who wins a match quickly after reset can get rank 1.


A symbol on their player card when you see them in the rank pvp list would be awesome. You should take that idea all the way to the bank. That allows the devs to not worry about “overpowered” rewards. Just add a cool symbol and bump up the rewards some. That would maybe also allow other people to go for it. If I already have the symbol, then I might sit out a couple weeks from going for 1st. I already have the symbol, so no need unless i want the rewards. (That probably will never happen, everyone wants 1st every week. lol)

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That is pure insanity. Holy cow who has so much time to play gems of war like that on a regular basis?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats on your number one spot!
You have earned rights to a solid week of oversleeping! Haha

That. Is. Insane.

I’d give you a hate if I could, because it’s just crazy what you’ve done but since I can only like it, I will!