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Confused about the new caps

I understand that the soul limit is 40. However going into a battle with both Valk & Keeper of Souls this increases to 60?

I could understand cap increasing to 50 (+25% Necromancy on keeper) but why 60? Valk no longer has Necromancy.

Secondly I did 3 challenge matches on the trot. 2 of them I hit the soul limit early & still created more souls in the process of finishing the match - came away with 213 souls (warlord 4 + celestial) the other match I hit the 60 limit by killing the last dude - this gave me 177 souls. Why?

Also my gold seem to increase at a very fast pace - I’m not using any gold creating troops (Green Seer, Dragon Soul, Giant spider & Tyri). On a single match 4 my gold counter goes up 12? I normally hit the 100 cap within 4 or 5 moves?

Edit: My mistake

shows as 40 using the spider army shown above

The base soul cap is 40, necromancy will increase the soul cap.

The cap remains at 40. Sirrian mentioned the 25% being bugged and reverting to 50%. Not sure if that’s the case here.

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I understand that nec increases cap - Scala’s reasoning may be sound, what of the other issues?

60 is the base cap after Necromancy, but before armor, VIP and difficulty bonuses. The total souls you get clearly include those multipliers.

I have the same confusion. I did challenges with Celestial Armour and Warlord 4 with two different troops, 1 with Valk and Flesh Golem for Necromancy, another with Dragon Soul and Keeper of Souls for Necromancy. Both times the cap was 60 as and I hit the cap both times. But with Dragon Soul/KOS I got 213 souls and with Valk/Flesh Golem I got 206 souls. Shouldn’t the number be the same given that the bonuses/soul cap within the game is the same?

Bonuses given via the multiplier are calculated AFTER the match has ended and the amount has been totaled.

The cap you see in battle is always 40, except with every Necromancy adding +20 to that cap.

So playing a match with a reached 60 Soul cap and a x1.5 multiplier = 90 Souls upon match end.
While a reached 40 Soul cap with a x2 multiplier = 80 Souls.

So you might not know what you’ll actually get until the match has ended, or you’re paying close attention to all the hidden math.

But do Necromancy continue to boost soul earning from spell?
For example, one cast of Avina is 24 souls. Do it increase to 30 souls?

EDIT: the souls coming from the dead troops are added to the soul counter?

yes, as of now, yes at 50%.

So you don’t care anymore if the troop with Necromancy die before the end of the battle?

Does necromancy only raise the cap from 40 to 60? Or if you get 20 souls in one match does it increase it to 30?

If your troop with Necromancy die, you will not obtain the bonus… whereas the counter said the contrary…

For example (my soul bonus is x3.5), when I use one time Valkyrie with one Necromancy troop alive, I have 30/60 souls and I obtained 105 souls.
But if the troop with Necro die, I still have 30/60 but only 70 souls…