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Confusing with souls

How many souls can I get during exploration task?

I have no more than 112.

My char.

So I have The Dragon Soul (and a Valk with necromancy) in a team.
I cast 4 times.
As I understand the minimum must be (4 * 10 (dragon soul) + 4 (enemy team)) * 2.8 = 123 souls.
Or even (if I count Valk ability): ((4 * 10 (dragon soul) + 4 (enemy team)) + 50%) * 2.8 = 184 souls.
But I have only 112.
Is it ok?

Hey there, the maximum souls you can get per match is 40 x your multiplier (2.8) hence the 112 souls limit for you in this case.


there is a max souls cap per battle
basic soul cap as ar as i know is 40 souls
multiply that by your soul multiplier be it x2.8 = 112

(note that pvp wont scale with difficulty setting so the multiplier will be lower then what u get in here)

edit: ah ninja beat me to it!

also necromancy trait wont raise your souls past the cap - just to make it clear - it will only multiply the souls you generate up until you reach the cap so it makes it reaching the cap faster, that is all


In essence, it allows to earn 27 Souls and still reach the cap.

Important to note, your Necromancy Troop(s) must be alive at the end of battle.

I understand. 40 * multiplier.
tnx all.

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