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Soul Bonus not working properly? [ANSWERED & SOLVED]

The old cap was 40 Souls + Bonus, using the Spider Armor I would get 70. Now it seems I can’t get 70 and now I use Valkyrie with Necromancy (+50%) & play on Hard (+10%) on top of my armor (+75%).


on the pc, the cap doesnt raise except for the armor’s bonus and it would affect the 40. the valks necromancy just makes how many souls you gain per cast more. the hardness changes the souls % on the WORLD screen, so it takes the cap and increases it.

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Just curious, how many are you getting?

Assuming the console version of Necromancy is the same as the PC version you should be receiving a bonus of 277.5% of the souls earned. (185% [bonuses added] * 150% [Necromancy multiplies the bonus instead of adding. - don’t know if multiples stack] rounded up)

I found that out when I had 50% bonus from armor and necromancy and saw my 10 base souls became 23 earned.

necromancy doesnt add too the cap.
difficulty and armor add both to the cap and the total

so cap increase would increase 40 x 85% = 34 for a total of 74
the valk would take the total number of souls to an additional 135%. so if valk didnt cast a single time, instead of 4 souls you would get 9.4 (cant remember if it rounds up or down)

@TaliaParks @kzintiwife

I ran a few tests and it looks like the soul cap is set to 40 * Soul % Modifier (the number in the bottom right. So if the percentage says 150% (from difficulty, armor, VIP bonus) then the most you’d get is 60.

Necromancy as mentioned will just help you get to the cap faster but it doesn’t raise the cap. This bonus though will include the other bonuses as well instead of just adding another 50% to the corner score.

So if I was playing on normal with Dragon armor and someone with necromancy (flesh golem gets this on his first trait if you want it quickly) and only gain 4 souls from the fight, the net result would be 4 * 150% (for armor) for 6 and then 6 * 150% for Necromancy gives a net result of 9.

With the Celestial armor on Hard I have a 225% bonus. My Valkyrie gained 7 souls per use. 4 castings plus the 4 for the enemy yielded 32 * 225% for 72. Necromancy would have made that 108 but the cap was 90 for this and 90 was the net result.

So that’s the math and it does seem to round up for the odd amounts.

Unrelated weird thing I saw. I was given a key from a cpu defense victory. That’s a first.

This explains everything and now there’s no issue. Just thought Necromancy gave +50% at the END of battle, kind of disappointed but I’ll survive.

To be fair, the text on the Necromancy trait is a bit vague, if not misleading. It says “gain 50% bonus souls at the end of battle”.

If Valkyrie (or other troops with Necromancy) can hit the soul cap with the trait or without the trait, then the current descriptive text doesn’t really provide any contextually accurate information.

Even if this is working as designed, the text should be updated.

Exactly why I was confused. From the text, you’d assume you get +50% more TOTAL Souls.

You do get the extra - to the cap. extra is lost like normal (as though you didnt have it)

Yeah Necromancy speeds up Soul Farming matches by a whole lot. I just been using my “new player” Team and all I need is 4-5 Valkyrie casts to hit my 80 Souls cap.

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The problem is that if you have a match where you would’ve hit the cap with the trait or without the trait, then the text on the Necromancy trait is ambiguous. Because you’re not actually getting 50% more after battle in that circumstance and there is no way you’d infer that from the trait description.

The text should be updated to say “Soul gains increased by 50% during battle”. That is more accurate description of what is happening and still doesn’t imply a cap can be exceeded.

true, i always looked at it as cap is global so it can only be changed by stuff on the world screen and troops are “local”.

I could see how that is ambiguous. Though it does double the souls for the monsters you kill so even on normal you get 6 instead of 4. so even the “during battle” wouldnt really convey it either.

One problem with this, Valkyrie must survive to the end of the battle for the trait to take effect.

Same applies to all troops with Necromancy, if the troop dies then Necromancy does not activate.
Which is also something not properly explained, but hey, there’s only so much room for text.

I havent seen this… ive had to WIN to get the bonus but the valk didnt have to be alive… so… maybe im a bug?

You likely cast enough times to reach the cap with or without the trait.

Been thinking about this and realized something that was mentioned earlier but just sort have clicked.

Since most of the time you’ll have 4 enemies to deal with, divide 36 by the number of souls you gain with each use of valk’s ability and round up. That’s the number of times you need to use the ability to hit the cap.

If you have Necromancy, use 24 instead of 36. If I get 2 creatures with it I’ll see if it stacks. But really that’s all it boils down too.

Thats a good point. The ability should probably be reworked to either properly match its current text or increase the soul gain in battle. All (most?) of the other traits are effective in the battle, so why not the Valkyrie’s?