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Soul buffs not working

Hello all and ty for reading this.Iv been playing for 8 days now and am struggling to get souls,i found that if i get 3 warlocks with a valkiry* that the locks 1st trait is ment to give you + 50% Souls after a battle but it doesnt i can get about 60-70 in a battle and only end up getting the 60-70 its like the locks only up how much i can get and not help me get any and iv tryed flesh goloums* and still the same thing.Iv also tryed to keep them all alive but same thing.Whats the go?

tried valk 3 warlock the traits are working for me :thinking:

Have you actually spent the Traitstones to unlock the Necromancy traits? They’re not automatic; you have to get them.


You have to cast Valkyrie enough times to fill the max amount in the battle
Depending on your magic kingdoms, guild magic bonus and Valkyries ascension and level you might have to cast her up to 4 or 5 times per battle.
Also, after the battle your armor (Celestial gives 100% and Dragon gives 50%) bonus is calculated, make sure you have one of them selected.


Yeah iv got necromancer unlocked and i still just get the normal amount i thought id get 100 (From battle) plus 150% Wich should = 250 yeah? But all i end up with is the 100

The normal limit generation limit for souls in battles is 40. Necromancy applies in battle, not after - the soul counter at the top already has necromancy traits applied. Armor, guild, event, and other bonuses apply after.

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Arrrrh ok now im with you i thought i was going mad lol thank you

So my warlocks with necromancer help my valk get more souls as in say valk gets 7 souls ill end up getting like 16 souls!

So warlocks say GAIN 50% SOULS FROM BATTLE shouldnt it say during battle?

With x3 locks