Best tip for earn souls?


Does anyone have tips on winning many souls?


You have to run Valkyrie or play some Arena. Definitely Valkyrie though.


@Koolbird, always first to answer newcomers :sunglasses:

But let’s not waste my post in simple praises (although everyone loves being praised).
Let me add this to Koolbiird’s answer : if you are looking for a team, I’d advise you to browse through these topics :
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also as soon as you can - get armor that does + souls. this raises the cap so you can get more out of your valk. A very active guild will help - specially if they focus on gems (like crit happens!)

also you get souls for the challenges. you get more souls the higher you go (closer to 5 times). the 5th time you get a 1 time bonus of 100 souls (raised by your armor and difficulty). i did 1 through 4 early and saved the 5th time through until i had the celestial armor.


Necromancy doesn’t even increase the number of total Souls, so you are limited to Troops that give you Souls when you use their Spells.

The easiest, and therefore most commonly used, is Valkyrie because she is a Mana transformer.

EDIT: For those you need crystal clear explanations, Necromancy does not affect the Soul cap. It just adds 50% of the Souls earned during the match, but the cap is not changed unless you use a better Armor or increase difficulty.


Are you certain? I think Necromancy does increase the total souls gained; it just doesn’t increase the max souls gained, so you’re still beholden to the cap defined by your armor and difficulty.


Yeah, you explained it in detail, but that IS what I meant.

Necromancy does not affect the Soul cap.


Ok, let’s clarify things a bit here for @italoxt660

First, an exhaustive list of everything that can help you produce souls during a battle :

The soul cap is limited to 40 per battle.
If you produce more than 40 souls during a battle, they will be wasted.
To reach the cap, you can :

  • Kill ennemies (1 soul per kill, summoned ennemy troops count, killing your own units doesn’t)
  • Spells that create souls (Valkyrie (very effective), Avina, Soul Blade (these should be counted as jokes))
  • Trait - Necromancy (*1.5 to souls produced during battle, cumulative : 2 Necromancy gives 1.5 * 1.5 = 2,25)
  • Legendary trait for hero class Summoner : ensoul - +1 souls for every 4+ gem matches)

Then your battle earnings get multiplied by your resource multipliers (your multipliers are displayed on the top left corner of your world map screen). So, you can get up to (40 * your soul multiplier) souls per battle.
Multiplier can be improved by

  • Playing on harder difficulties
  • Having bought things with real money to get in the VIP system
  • Having an armor

Now, what you really want to go for as a new and free player is a Valkyrie Team and a good hero Armor.
You should probably first buy a low +50% souls armor, then the Dragon Armor, and, if you want, you’ll also buy Celestial Armor later on.

If you aren’t a free player, you should definitely by the Death Knight Armor. Then you’ll have to decide for youself if you want to buy some more stuff to get a higher VIP level (bonus per VIP level is described in the shop). Even as a paying player, you’ll want to go for a Valkyrie team for a LONG while. If the game remains in it’s current economic state that is.


If you stumble upon 16 green/purple traitstone then I gain 2-5k souls a day by grinding challenges or even PVP, if you fully trait the hero’s necromancer class every 4+ of a kind gives 1 soul, using a double soul armor and it gives 2 souls every 4+ of a kind, it also goes up with VIP and difficulty, it is best taken advantage of with color converters (I use Green Seer/Giant Spider cores for the loop) all you have to do is play to win, with no VIP, and normal difficultly with celestial armor you will clear between 30-50 souls a game (I get between 60-90 a game cause of my VIP boost)


My favorite soul grinding team is: Templar, Valkyrie, Rowanne, Prismatic Orb. It’s pretty reliable for both soul generation and speedy wins.


I combine my Soul and Map farming teams into one;

Griffon Knight

GK and Behemoth are just tanks that use Brown/Blue (so they don’t block the farmers) while I repeatedly fire off Valkyrie and Tyri. Amazingly effective in getting the cap of Souls and 2-5 Maps a match (5 maps is the cap for Console, 10 for PC)


i also have a combined soul and map team —
gob shaman