Not getting double souls

Ok, so in my PvP fights, I’m not getting double souls with my armour. I’m currently using Wight with a Necro card to up the level to 60 souls per match, and if I won I got 123 souls. But now I’m only getting between 95 and 115, even with the max amount of souls I can get for the match. If I lose, it’s been the same, except I’ll only get between 70 and 95 souls with 60/60 obtained during the match.

I use dragon armour for the 2x bonus, and it’s stopped working :frowning:

Dragon armor is 100%, 50% souls.

Celestial and Deathknight armor have 100% souls.

Is your troop with Necromancy alive and un-stunned at the end of the battle?

Necromancy does two things at different times:

  1. It increases the souls cap at the start of the battle.
  2. It increases souls gained by 50% at the end of the fight.

The counter at the top displays the extra souls immediately. If your Necromancy troop is killed/stunned at the end of the battle, you do not get the extra souls from the trait, and the display is inaccurate, because it does not update to reflect the reduced souls from the loss of Necromancy.

I will have to pay more attention to that, but in vague memory, only my first card is killed (the necro card is in last spot)

60x2.04=122.4 this is the max you can get

Necromancy increases the cap with 50% to 60 souls. (this is temporary. will be 25%)

Necromancy increases the number of souls you get when your soul generator casts the spell.
For example - if Valkyrie casts a spell gaining 10 souls - 15 are shown as collected. But…
It does show 15, but the real number is 12.5. so even if you see that you have reached the cap, this may not be so for the final calculation

It doesn’t matter is your necromancy troop dead at the end of the battle.

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Apparently it does matter :frowning: I played a few that I knew I would lose all cards on and some where my necro card would stay and that’s the card that made the difference

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