Question about number of souls (xbox)

I am experiencing an anomaly with souls, but maybe there is an explanation?
Wearing celestial armor (100% souls), explore mode (normal difficulty) in Whitehelm, but kingdom doesn’t matter.
(Edited to add: On the main screen, on the lower left, it confirms that my soul multiplier is 205%)
Team 1:
3 warlocks (w/necromancy trait)
Fill up max souls in battle (100 due to 3 necromancy traits).
Final award: 107 souls.
(Why don’t I get 205 souls?)

Team 2:
Flesh Golem (w/ necromancy trait)
Fill up max souls (60 due to 1 necromancy trait)
Final award: 123 souls.
(Edit: makes sense- my soul multiplier is 205%, and 60*2.05 = 123.)

Any insight would be appreciated!

This should help with your question.

Thanks, but unfortunately it does not answer my question. That website indicates that with celestial armor I should get 100% extra souls after the battle, as wel already know. But in my warlock team, I’m not getting any kind of bonus from my armor at all.

So I repeated the experiment, with the 3 warlock / val team. This time it gave me 160 souls. (same conditions- 100 in-game souls attained, celestial armor, normal difficulty). I think, as another poster wondered, there could be something wrong with valkyrie.

Just want to link to a related post that seems like it might explain what’s going on:

Have to experiment more, but the conjecture is that if your traited ally dies, then at the end of the battle the extra souls provided by its trait evaporate! (I never noticed this with other teams though.)