Max Souls per battle?

I’m currently using a team with 3 members who have the necromancy trait and the Valkyrie to get as many souls as I can per battle.

I’m wearing Celestial Armor and the stat under my character on the map says I’m getting 200% souls.

When I start a battle on easy, the souls counter at the top of the screen is 0/100

If I get 100/100 I gain 215 souls.
If I get 80/100 I gain 215 souls.
If I get 45/100 I gain 131 souls.

Am I missing a calculation somewhere, or is there a cap beyond the one shown at the top of the screen during battle?

I remember a thread where someone posted something similar. When the soul changes were first introduced on PC/Mobile, having a necromancy troop die before you cast your soul generation would apply the correctly boosted amount to the counter, but not to the rewards at the end of the battle. Now, using a necromancy troop on PC/Mobile activates the soul bonus for the duration of the battle.

However, something else isn’t quite right here. The total amount of souls you gain on the rewards screen should never exceed the amount on the counter times your map modifier. If the modifier displayed on the map is x2, you should be getting at most 200 souls after a battle. If you had 80 on the counter, you should be getting 160. If you have 45, you should be getting 90. The number at the top already takes necromancy into account. It looks like you are getting both more souls than the counter indicates up to the in battle cap (you are getting about 3x the base souls per cast, but only 2.5x is being applied to the counter), and more post battle as well (you are getting 2.15x rather than 2.0).

Based on this, I can only assume it is bugged on Console. Maybe the counter, maybe the necromancy trait, maybe the map modifier, maybe all three. I just know the numbers you posted don’t add up and I know for sure it doesn’t work this way on PC/Mobile.

I’m vip 5 and using a similar team to get a soul cap of 100 gives me around 355 or 380, can’t quite remember, that’s with celestial armour.

The % under my character is 200%, so 100% + the Celestial Armor = 200%.

It’s not counting my Guild’s Purple Guardian of 15% souls.

So technically I get at least 215% souls

Hm… On PC/Mobile, the guild’s bonus is factored into the multiplier displayed on the map. That explains that anyway. You still seem to be getting more souls in battle than the counter is displaying and therefore are capping out even before the counter reaches 100. You have the correct cap, though.

I reported this in another bug thread a few weeks ago, as this has been an ongoing issue for both me and my husband on PS4. It only seems to pay out the full amount of souls x multiplier if you completely fill the soul cap. If you get less than the total cap it doesn’t seem to calculate correctly. (I’ve only noticed this on multiple necromancer teams however.)

I really hope this gets corrected before they put Pharos-Ra into the console version, as I’ve been pulling down 924 souls per match with a team of 3x Pharos-Ra and Kerberos, both fully traited. I could use that level of soul generation in my console game and it would be shame to find that still broken when he comes around.

Quick Questions:

  1. Are the battles you playing Ranked PVP or a different mode?
  2. What Difficulty do you play on?
  3. What level is your guild’s Purple Statue?

The easiest difficulty,
Purple statue giving 15%