Soul #s aern't adding up

Heya, I have recently noticed that the number of souls I have been earning from battle seem to be inconsistent with where I think they should be. I understand that a variety of factors can change the amount of souls gained in different activities. Things like your souls generated per battle, soul cap per battle, your armor, the difficulty played on, ranked pvp, and challenge bonuses can all effect the number of souls earned. But the issue I’m seeing is in a situation where none of these variables are changing, yet when I cap my souls generated and finish a match I receive varying amounts instead of what should be a static number.

I spent part of the morning just farming Divion Fields Challenge 1 at 5 stars. I made sure to not change my team, armor, or difficulty. I was playing on warlord 1 with an 80 soul cap and a constant 265% soul bonus. I made certain to generate the full 80 souls during each battle. After recording about thirty battles I found an obvious trend. About 60% of the time I would receive the full 212 souls I should get. 10% of the time I ended up with 193 souls, and 30% of the time I received 159 souls. I only ever received one of those three amounts. It has me wondering if the game is somehow not remembering one or two Valkyrie casts that I made, but still showing the souls gained on the cap counter. Maybe doing two casts in one turn or two casts at the very end of the battle is causing the numbers to get a bit screwy?

I was running a fully trained team of warlock, warlock, valkyrie, queen mab.

If anyone can tell me what might be causing this inconsistency, is noticing something similar, or would like to recreate my little experiment, I would really appreciate it. Have a good one.

Did this have anything to do with your Warlocks dying in battle? If they don’t survive to the end, you don’t get the necromancy bonus applied (though it still raises the in-battle soul cap). If 10% of the time, one of your Warlocks died, and 30% of the time, both of them died, that might explain it. There are people around here that know the soul calculation math better than I do, though.

I did not keep track of that. I had been led to believe that the necromancy trait still functioned even after the unit it is attached to has died. Doesn’t the trait increase both the soul cap and souls generated during battle? When one or both warlocks die, the game still shows my cap at 80, and my Valkyrie still generates 18 souls (9 x 200%) per cast. After battle the necromancy trait has no effect on souls earned. The game then takes the souls earned during the battle and applies the bonus from armor, difficulty, and guild bonus to calculate the ending total (265% x 80 = 212.) So I don’t understand how them dying during battle would change my ending value, unless the cap is lowered when they die and just doesn’t show it. That would actually make sense considering that 265% x 60 =159. If that is the way it works, it’s pretty misleading that they don’t show the cap drop during the match. I still can’t figure where my 193 outcomes came from though =/

How about 80 x 240% (the 265% maximum minus one 25% bonus)? Like I said, I don’t know the formulas well or how the different aspects interact, but I’m pretty certain that a troop with necromancy dying does affect the after-battle calculation but doesn’t lower the cap.

With this in mind, you could do a couple experiments to see what happens when you collect 80 souls and have 1 or 2 warlocks die. If it fits the pattern, then question answered. If not, it must be something else.

If you watch the screen at the end of a match, you will see “Necromancy” appear over each character who both has the trait and is still alive. It would seem that this is when the Necro bonus is being applied, and also that if a troop isn’t on the screen at the time, their bonus isn’t taken into the calculation.


We’ve written up an article on our Help Center about this:


You were right. I hadn’t considered that the trait didn’t take effect until the end of the match. With that in mind the numbers do make sense. Thanks for the info.

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