Best soul team?

valkyie, flesh golem, aziris, and keeper of souls all have 50% bonus souls ability, which would give 200% more souls if i use all 4. But the manas overlap and there are no damage dealers. not sure how well this team will work.

I am asking this before i waste time farming for the trait stones needed for the traits.

Would it be optimal to use all 4 or just use a few of them for soul farming?

There is a Soul cap per match, all 4 are not necessary.

Pour EVERYTHING into Valkyrie, she’s all you’ll need.


really a soul cap? does it only include 1 necromancy trait? or can u only get get a max of so many souls?

I think max soul is 130 per battle you can put alchimist and valk together they going well

The cap is 40 souls per match. Necromancy increases the number of souls from each kill, as well as the souls from Valkyrie’s spell. It does stack, so with more than one Necromancy trait on the team you’ll hit the 40 cap that much faster. But once you’re there you’re done; so if Valkyrie is casting her spell, her own Necromancy is generally enough to get you to 40.

Once the match is over, that (up to) 40 souls is multiplied by any armor, VIP bonuses, and difficulty bonuses.

Note that in ranked PVP, difficulty doesn’t apply so neither does that particular multiplier. Note also that Necromancy only counts if the troop is alive and unstunned at the end of the match.


I wouldn’t suggest to play soul team in pvp but in challenges

does it add to the 5 star challenge, when it gives you a bunch of souls for beating all 5 battles?

No. Necromancy only counts for the Souls you gain during the battle.

Put differently, things that increase your Souls modifier (displayed in small print in the top left under your profile) like Armor & Difficulty increase the maximum number of Souls you can gain from a given battle (the cap). Necromancy increases the amount of Souls you get every time you earn Souls (e.g., when you activate Valkyrie’s ability). So in a perfect world you want Armor + Difficulty + Necromancy so you can gain a lot of Souls quickly.

In practice, most people run a team that leverages Valkyrie b/c she creates Blue gems & Souls, plus has Necromancy.

Two quick points

  1. With Valkyrie leveled enough + Bonuses to Magic 2 Casts of ‘Valhalla’ and you will hit the Soul cap.
  2. On console in PvP difficulty DOES effect the multiplier. Its a old bug that might be addressed in the next patch.

One last thing. I’m not sure where you are in the game, but here are some common Valkyrie-based teams at various stages of play offering a wide variety of troops:

Druid / Valkyrie / Druid / Druid
Flesh Golem / Druid / Valkyrie / Druid
Treant / Alchemist / Valkyrie / Banshee
Shadow Hunter / Behemoth / Valkyrie / Druid
Tyri / Valkyrie / Rowanne / Alastair
Ragnagord / Valkyrie / Dryad / Druid
Knight Coronet / Valkyrie / Rowanne / Prismatic Orb
Soothsayer / Crimson Bat / Valkyrie / Crimson Bat
Soothsayer / Queen Mab / Valkyrie / Queen Mab

Any of these grinding through challenges on the hardest difficult you can manage is a really effective way to accumulate Souls. Ideally you want to use your first 500 Gems to buy the Dragon Armor. Or if you’ve got money to drop then the DeathKnight pack is the best value your money can buy.

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would love the Shadow Hunter / Behemoth / Valkyrie / Druid team, but that shadow hunter is elusive. own EVERY card, but obviously quite a few of the legendaries and 9 epic. any easy way to get the last few epics i need?

There is no secrets open lot of chest and you will eventualy get them, you usually can get 1 copy of epic when you finish the story of a kingdom also in glory,gem,event chest

and legendary are in glory and gem chest
sometime event chest and vip chest when the glory bundle is legendary

Nope. The only easy way to get Epics is by completing each Kingdom quest. The Tyri team is nice bc Tyri, Rowanne, & Alastair are all available via Epics. I also included the first 3 b/c they’re very low on requirements.

while we’re on the topic of team set up, are there any really good class weapons (from the 250 battles) that would be good with valkryie? b/c i am working on getting the last class now and am working on getting the class weapons, so if there are any good ones for a soul set up, then i can do that one next.

Replace the kitty cat with boar rider in that team then.

my Soul team is Knight Coronet, Dwarth Lord, Valkyrie and Druid

Soothsayer/Giant Spider/Mab/Valkyrie is what I use. Also knocks out challenges and explores rather quickly

Mine is this but an extra Druid instead of Dwarf Lord. It actually wins me a lot of defenses too, more than my goblin team did.

Valk, Mercy, and whatever else you can fit at your level of progression that uses mostly blue, possibly some, yellow, for damage. Valk/Mercy feed each other, which makes it very easy to cap out your souls - you’ll only need 3 casts with a single traited level 18 valk/4 level 10 magic kingdoms (without any stars needed). The other spots colors can even use non blue/yellow (though purple is kinda hard denied) and you still have your valk/mercy core for board control, getting skulls on deck and getting other manas through cascades, but will be slower to finish overall.

Valk/Valk/Rowanne/Mercy was my favorite speed clear/souls team before mab was added - mercy fills valks, valk 1 fills rowanne, cast rowanne, valk 2 fills rowanne, cast for game. Later, mab replaced rowanne, and now I use Valk/Mab/Rowanne/Mercy because they form a direct chain that usually wins the battle with one cast of each rather than needing to loop. That method doesn’t cap souls, but is more still more efficienct on both traitstones and souls when one cast of valk starts taking you over halfway to the soul generation cap anyway. I’m not sure if you guys have mab yet, though, and rowanne works best when she can two-shot the opposition, so its usually a no-go before you have leveled your armor kingdoms. If not, Templar/Valk/Rowanne/Mercy is a solid variant, albeit slightly slower for me.

One last thing - if you haven’t leveled all four magic kingdoms to level 10 yet, I would recommend doing so before attempting to heavily and repeatedly “farm” souls. With a level 18 valk, you’ll need about half as many casts to cap with the kingdoms leveled as opposed to without, 3 casts as opposed to 5, which can turn out to be a lot of unnecessary time spent for the same results depending on when you commit to farming. (With some 5 star magics and a level 20 valk, you can cap in two casts, but you arent going to get there without heavy farming in the first place.) Until then, other sources of souls like getting new challenge stars at high difficulty are probably a better bet. As others said, getting a good armor is also important.