☄ Canadian Bacon is recruiting - 💥 casual to hardcore PC ☄ 30/30:


I am currently looking for a good guild that is active my code is SNKNS. I’m currently level 45 and have all kingdoms owned and at least level 3, one kingdom at level 10


Hi I tried to add you but it says you are in another guild :slight_smile:


still have a open spot?



I would love to join you guys! Lorewolff


Looking for a guild, lvl. 578. Level 10 on all Kingdoms. Active daily, but more on the casual side. Can pay up to 300K/wk, 120T, and 900-1000 seals (but these numbers may vary up and down). Just looking for an active guild that isn’t cut throat on what I can provide, life is busy. :wink:

Anyhow, if you have a spot please add me to your guild: DANIHASHEM



Hi Iv tried to add you but see your in another guild :slight_smile:


I would like to join if u still have openings. Level 28 on pc just started here but I’m level 750 on Xbox so I know the game


Hi Iv added you and welcome aboard :slight_smile:


Invite code is ALAINA_2


Hi iv sent the invite :slight_smile:


That invite code on profile was old account. Sorry. I changed it on my profile


No problem, have you received the invite ok?


Thank you so much


Great good to have you with us :smiley:


We have 1 space left in our very active guild


I’d love to join :smiley:

Invite code: PHATTEDDY


Hi iv sent invite but it says your in another guild


I’d like to join if you’d have me?

Not very high level…yet :slight_smile:

Invite code: BECKSIES


Ill add you now :slight_smile:

Its sent and a very warm welcome to our guild!


Thank you :smiley: