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☄ Canadian Bacon is recruiting - 💥 casual to hardcore PC ☄ 30/30:

Hi everyone we are looking for an active players to join our family and grow with us.
The guild is casual to hard-core so all are welcome, we have a friendly atmosphere and will always help anyone who needs advice. And are ok if any recruits need time off as we know life can be busy outside of gems.
We want to allow members to grow at their own pace so no requirements needed other than to collect your seals.
If your looking for a new home with rewards and no pressure then you are welcome to join us :slight_smile:

:fireworks:Currently we are :fireworks:

Guild Level - 324
League Rank - 308
Guild wars rank -167

GrandMaster 1
300% Gold
Mastery’ levels from 85 to 121
we have a Facebook page for members with Useful Links and videos
A discord chat for the guild.

:star2: Guild Bonuses :star2:

50% XP
45% Souls
Tribute chance Bonus - 12%
4 extra Maps in treasure hunt
Glory - +1

:muscle: Guild Tasks :muscle:



We have the Facebook and discord page for any one on one help if needed. We can help with the best ways to help create the strongest troops teams. We are friendly and welcome anyone wanting to climb ranks in the guild. The only Rules we have are, please be respectful in chat and Contribute what you can, but above all have fun in the game. If you are interested and we hope you are then Pm me or leave your details here.

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Hi! me and my brother would love to join. i’m sure we will make great addition.
Invite codes: OMAR_41 & DEMON_INSTINCT

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Hi I found you omar but not the DEMON_INSTINCT it says he doesn’t exist, Does he have anything else in his name we may have missed?

sorry my mistake. it should : DEMON INSTINCT

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I just cottoned to this game a week ago and recently hit L22. I’m just a casual player and have never been part of a guild, but I hear it can be very beneficial. I’ll do my best to hold up my end, but that will depend on the the time demands that incurs.

If I haven’t yet talked myself out of an invite you can shoot me one at Twithcy_1

thanks much

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Great iv added him and welcome to the guild!

Hi Canuck you are more than welcome to join the guild. I have tried to add you and that also says you don’t exist… Strange, is that the exact name or is there more?

Yay, and my glorious habit of typos continues. Try TWITCHY_1 instead.

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Found you and welcome to the guild :smile:

Now asking for a buddy, can you invite ‘dogberticus’. PS without knowing what the hell I’m doing I just gave the guild 1000g. Is that ok?

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Iv just added them canuck, and yes that’s always ok to add money, the more the merrier we say but only what you can afford and thanks for joining the guild

I’m interested, code=FLYDERIAL

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Hi Flyderial, iv sent the invite and welcome to our guild :slight_smile:

I am interested, what is your ranking currently?

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Hi Barnes, we are currently level 107, and rank 595

Great, I will be looking at joining up then! :slight_smile: Code: BARNES

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Hi Barnes Iv found you! good to have you on board :slight_smile:

My pleasure! Let’s up and at them! :slight_smile:

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Hi , i’m interested in joining if there are any spots open. I’m a pretty active player

invite code: FLASHPAW

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great! iv found you and welcome to the guild Flashpaw :slight_smile: