☄ Canadian Bacon is recruiting - 💥 casual to hardcore PC ☄ 30/30:


Hi Canadian bacon awsome name by the way.im also Canadian!im new to guild joining and most require so much contribution its scary.so I would be interested to join your guild.im level ~70.my code is patatipatata.it might be capital letters if that changes anything.thanks in advance


Hello, just got back into the game with all the new changes that happened I’m a friend of flashpaws. I’ll be active during the week but cannot play on weekends. If you have a spot for me my invite code is : RAIDBOSS


Hey guys, thanks for your interest, I messaged the guild leader, hopefully we’ll get you guys added soon!


Hi pat, I did add you but it said you are already in a guild so if you still want to join us then let me know. Sorry I’m late replying, iv been at work. :laughing:


Hi raid I did send invite earlier and have sent again so hope to see you soon :blush:


Alrighty, I’ll check again when I get home. I didn’t receive it last time,


cool! If there is any problems then please let me know and we shall see you soon :smiley:


Nope, it doesn’t seem to work.


Just holla at me in channel 15 ingame when you’re logged on :slight_smile:


I’m in and have sent another invite, I’m on channel 15 now so holla back :smiley:


im 280,my cities are all lvl10, casually regular older player looking for a guild.
inv code is FREEMAN_20


I’m definitely interested. Level 370, working my cities up to 5 stars, generally contribute around 200k gold plus 700-1000 seals a week. I’m pulling a lot of weight in my current guild, which I think I’ve kind of outgrown, and I’m looking for a more active one.

Invite code ZACH 25


Hi aerothopter, You are very welcome in our guild, we are all active and growing, for some reason it says you don’t exist when using the code , had this loads of times. Is there anything else added to your name?


No… here’s a thought, though. I play on mobile, and I thought that PC and
mobile share a server. Is it possible that you can’t see me because I’m not
a PC player?

Maybe try ZACH_25 ?


Yes I found you a welcome to the guild anything you need then feel free to ask us in chat ,
Yes they are linked the PC and mobile. If you use stream I can talk you through it to link accounts :slight_smile:


I want to join. My code is LIGHTNG
I’ve been playing everyday, though I’m still leveling kingdoms.
I played two years ago and am returning on a new account, so I already got some good teams and I am getting a lot of gold.


Hi LIGHTNG I have added you and welcome to our guild :slight_smile:


I’m interested if you still have space - working on getting kingdoms to 10 at the moment
Invite code is COCONUT


Hi Iv sent an invite and happy to have you with us :slight_smile:


Heya! I’m a pretty active player though I just started a few weeks ago. I’d love to have a more active guild. My invite code is LILADEL_1