Canadian Bacon are recruiting PC

Hi everyone as title suggests we are recruiting under new manegment and currently have 12 spaces .
the guild is casual to hardcore so all are welcome.

Currently we are

Elite 3
170% Gold
half way on Mastery’s
we have a facebook page for members with Useful Links and videos

On weekly tasks we get

Glory-- 260
Blue keys-- 18 - 25
Gems – 250
Event keys- 17
Glory keys- 100
Souls-- 2000
Gold keys-- 670

We have the facebook page for any one on one help if needed. I can help with the best ways to help create the stronest troops teams. We are friendly and welcome anyone wanting to climb ranks in the guild. The only Rules we have are, please be repectful in chat and Contribute what you can, but above all have fun in the game. If you are interested and we hope you are then Pm me or leave your details here.

Heads up, it would be useful for people to know if you’re PC/Mobile or which console you’re on.


Thank you I completely spaced on that.


She says, then proceeds to promptly forget to change anything.
I’ve taken the liberty of placing this in the proper sub-category for you. Good luck with your recruitment!

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