Canadian Bacon now recruiting. No minimums! 2 spots open

Current memberships available: 2

Hello all, we’re a casual guild but we’re growing. We have no contribtion demands. All we ask is that you’re an active, daily player. If you are, you’ll get to the point where contibution come naturally. We welcome anyone from raw beginner to experienced end game players.

When I started I hadn’t yet unlocked all the kingdoms. Now I’m one of the top players and contributors in the guild. I’ve been with the guild for 1.5 years and being part of its growth has been very rewarding.

  • Guild ranking is currently 279 (up 2 sposts from the last recruiting post :slight_smile: )
  • Curently in GW bracket 20
  • We nomally complete 4 task trees but we look to complete all 6 this week.
  • We constatnly contribute 20k+ seals each week. Our next goal is to hit the 40k mark.
  • All Guardians are over L100

Shoot me a message or reply to this thread if you’re interested.


I am currently in a guild but it is no longer too active, only me and one more player are active there. Looking to join a new and active guild hoping to start getting mythic troops!

We have 1 opening available.

Currently looking for a new guild. I used to be in one but fell out of the game for a while, just now getting back in. Lv345 (about to be 346 as I type this). I login everyday and have made and gotten many mythics.

I’m level 1067 and play daily. I’d love to join your guild. code: SIMBA_10


2 spots open. Come one, come all

I’d love to join you! I’m only lvl180 and still unlocking my kingdoms (most of them are currently at lvl10 / 3*) but I have a decent collection and am an active player.
Invite code: SHACKLESSS_8KTH

Currently in a mostly dead guild and I’m interested in joining. Lvl 550 and recently finished leveling up all my kingdoms.

Let me know if you’re interested and I will leave my current guild.


Do we need to bring our own pigs?
Lvl 969

Shackless: Sorry, I was slow in responding and it looks like you’ve found a guild.
Snolds and Presto: I sent you PMs. Please respond if you’re still interested.

To all others: We still have two openings available. Come one, come all.

Still looking. I know there’s a couple of folks out there looking to joing a fun, low stress guild.