☄ Celestia is recruiting! (casual) ☄

:star: Ideal Members :star:

  1. Are of any hero level.
  2. Claim ~500 seals a week.
  3. Help complete guild tasks - You don’t have to contribute every gold piece, just a little here and there is a big help!
  4. That’s it! We’re not a hardcore “This is your second job” type of guild.

:star: About Us :star:
(Updated Periodically)
Level: 16
League: Platinum III
Members: 2
Platform: PC/Mobile

:star: Want to Join? :star:
PM me or reply in the thread.
Thanks and have fun!


It will help if you specify what platform you play on and place this thread in the relevant category. I can move it for you if you need help.

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Thanks for catching that! Should be fixed now.

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I started off with my brother in law as two so I really feel for you guys.

Don’t rely too much on the forums here and try and recruit from Global 001.

The only guilds who get responses here are mostly Rank 200+ guilds.

If things don’t work out, coincidenctally I have 2 openings in my guild and we’re very family orientated (father & son, a couple and 4 real life friends) so feel free to knock on my door :blush:

Ah, that’s too bad. :frowning: