Looking for a guild, very active player

I’m a new player for just over 2 weeks, but play very actively.
I level 10 all kingdoms and reach hero level 350+ in 2 weeks.
Roughly I earned over 1M gold, 1500 seals, 500 trophies weekly in the past 2 weeks.

Looking for a guild to help me grow, if your guild has free spots, please give me a chance, I’ll definitely prove myself worthy.
Thanks in advance.

What platform are you on?

Hi Dieling, if you’re on PC/Mobile we have a spot for you. Our recruitment page is here with the details: [OPEN] Symbiotica 1.0 / 2.0 Recruiting Daily Players. The level of the GM is in the upper 900s, and the average level in our guild is 254.

Celestial Peak is also looking for new recruits.
We are at League Rank 52, 40k seal guild, and we complete all tasks and can get a couple Legendary Task done per week. We have a fairly lax weekly req, and from your desc it sounds like you can meet it easily without even thinking.
Please msg me with your Invite ID if you are interested. Thanx!

The Intrim family is also recruiting. We’re looking for skilled Guild Wars players for 1 and 2, but 3 would be a great place for you to learn the strategies and still make great rewards. Once you’ve got a nice stable of troops and winning GW down, the opportunity for advancement is wide open! @Saluki @LilyClaire