We're recruiting!

We may not be the highest level guild out there, but with your help we can move up quickly! The only strict requirement we have is that you are level 100+. Social is definitively a bonus and we do no tolerate freeloaders. Interested in joining us in Just-For-Fun? Leave me your invite code, how you think you will be beneficial to our team, and you favorite food. :wink:

I think I’m level 91 right now, I have been playing for fun and about 33 days now, I would like to be invited, I play excessively and have been gaining levels daily, I’m quite new, my guild is not active, I made 1500 seals yesterday and I’m thinking about 218 trophies, I have donated close to 500,000.

I’m sure by tomorrow I will be on the 100 level,

I’m an adult with a great job and lots of free time

Also my invite code is Daphne_57,

Thanks for your consideration and have a great day

We’d be glad to have you! Leave your current guild and I’ll send you an invite :slight_smile:

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Okay, I’m now level 93,

Tell me how to leave guild please

I figured it out, and left, thank you for letting me join

Invite sent!

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I got it, tablet choking a bit, have to restart, thank you, thank you :tada:

Got space for two? Our initial group of friends died off but we’re still hangin’ around and playing relatively actively. I’m currently the slacker (:P) but will likely start grinding again with a guild to build for.

Our invite codes are VENTUS_3 and FAUNA. Reply here if you’re game and we’ll free up the guild slot.

We would l9ve to have both of you, Ventus!

Glad to hear. You’re good to invite now.

My son hid my phone in the middle of the night. I just found. Sending now.

Hi I was wondering if your still looking for recruits? My invite code is LEONA 43 :blush: