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ignore this post.


you can invite me REXATRAS inv code, can easy help with gold and seal


Invite sent, welcome Texatras!


I’m looking for a new guild, if you have an opening! ELIZABETH_39 is my invite code.


Please leave your existing guild and I will send you an invite.


Invite sent. Welcome to the family!


2 slots open still.


Hi. I’m new player and need an active guild to help me lv up faster…:smiley:
Inv Code: KATARA_6


1 open slot currently.


Im highly interested! I am very active, and I will donate, I want will be leveling up very quickly, also be fully VIP at level 50. Please let me know! :slight_smile: <3

Invite code: Raqqie1596


Hi Raqqie, I sent you a private message, please check it. Thanks!


1 open spot.


I’m at LVL 71, but I can provide 1000 seals and 100 trophies weekly. Let me know if I can join.

Inite code: c3paulo


I sent you a private message.


Updated requirements as of 12/2/16. 1 open slot.


3 slots open.


2 slots open.


Bump 2 slots open.


Now 5 slots open. Had a clearing this week.


Hello, I would like to join, my code is MALOSO