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Canadian Bacon is recruiting - Anyone is welcome,

Hi all,

We are a friendly growing guild. Looking for you! At the moment we are.

Elite 1 league
Daily bonus 150%
plenty of money is put into the tasks so plenty of rewards.
10,000 seals weekly and climbing
No requirements. apart from collecting your seals.

Some of us only play a little while other bang it out and then some. So whatever your gameplay we are there for you to help you set your cards.
We also offer any advice and share tips and strategies.
All we ask is you collect your seals and enjoy the spoils with us.

We welcome anyone so if you are interested just leave your invite code below.

Bumping up! we have 13 spaces left.

dont do it @KrudlerTheHorse !

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Sry i dont understand what that means therealwetwilly?

I’m sorry, i’ll elaborate on my intrusion of your recruitment thread: KrudlerTheHorse is a world famous baconian, and i fear he will get lured in your guild by shear looks at your tasty name. When it comes to bacon, he gets weak in the knees. As a matter of fact, we all do. Although… is the bacon served with maple syrup?


well you are always welcome to the guild and we have maple syrup if you want it? :smiley:

I’m also Canadian!!!

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I’m from London but the guild leader is Canadian. I would love to visit Canada some day. Think that why I was drawn to the group and with the bacon I had to join :blush:

Bumping thread.