☄ Canadian Bacon is recruiting - 💥 casual to hardcore PC ☄ 30/30:


Just sent the ivite and great to have you on board :slight_smile:


My friend is also looking for an active guild. She’s been playing since about when I started. Could I get her an invite?

Her code is FLURA


Invitation sent and see you soon :slight_smile:


Space left for all who want to join


Hi there. I’m Canadian and I love bacon. Your guild is perfect for me. Started playing GoW a couple weeks ago and I’d like to be part of an active guild. Lemme know if you still got room. My invite code is DVADER911. Thx.


Great to have you on board :slight_smile: Iv sent invite and hope to see you soon


Hi. I would love to join the guild, if there’s still room. I’m definitely more of a casual player, but I’ll try to contribute however I can. The invite code is GRUBNASH. I’m currently in a guild that’s been inactive for the past couple of weeks, so let me know if I need to abandon that ship first.



Hi I tried to send you an invite but your already in another guild. we will be very happy to have you with us, so if you are still interested let me know :slight_smile:



I’d like to join your guild, if you still have room. Invite code CAPUT_1. Thanks!


Hi Iv just sent invite and welcome to our guild :slight_smile:


D’oh! Sorry about that. I’ve left the old guild and should be available.


Ok ill try again grubnsh :slight_smile: Invite sent and welcome to the guild



I would like to join if possible. Level 202, have 13 kingdoms to 10 and play daily. Thanks for your consideration!

Invite is Magnus_52


Hi Iv sent you the invite and happy to have you with us :slight_smile:


Hi, would you please send an invite to my son? His invite code is ARTHURSMASH1. He is young but very eager to be in his dad’s guild :slight_smile:



Ahh yes of course that’s actually so sweet! I’m sending invite now :slight_smile:


Sounds awesome! invite code: ironduchess


Hello :smiley: I’m casual player but I’m doing my best to help with tasks. My invite code is SHIROYO.


I have sent the invite and welcome to our guild :smiley:


Many thanks :smiley: