☄ Canadian Bacon is recruiting - 💥 casual to hardcore PC ☄ 30/30:



I’m relatively new to the game (level 60) and looking for an active Guild. I’m happy when i can contribute :). My Invite Code is HAAL.


Hi HAAL.Iv sent the invite and welcome to the guild :slight_smile:


Awesome, thank you for the quick invite :smile:


Your very welcome Haal :slight_smile:


I’d love to be part of the Canadian Bacons. Seems like a fun group. My invite code: THE BEARDED GOOSE


Hi Iv added you and thanks for joining :slight_smile:


Merci beaucoup!


Hi. Sorry for my inactivity. New update came to the Gems of War and I couldn’t update it without reinstall. I forgot my code and haven’t got access to my computer to retrieve it. Can I get reinvite please?


Welcome back shiryo, We have 1 spot still left for a full active guild, we get 20,000 souls weekly and complete all blue tasks so that’s 590 a week! Also no requirements other than being active and help is happily given to members. Come join us! :smile_cat:


Hi! I’m pretty new to the game but already addicted. Canadian Bacon seems like the fun kind of guild that I’d like to join! My invite code is FREEJ if you still have a spot. Thanks!


Hi FREEJ Iv sent you an invite and welcome to the guild :slight_smile:


Hi I am relatively new back in to the game and fairly active. Would definitely be interested in joining if you still have a spot? My invite code is DRAIZ


Hi DRAIZ, just sent the invite and welcome to the guild :slight_smile:


Hi, do you have spot left? I`m active and want to change guild, cause im the only one who cares and do tasks, guild wars and seals. My invitation code is SEMEK.


Hi SEMEK yes we do, I’m going in now to add you :slight_smile:


SEMEK iv added you and welcome to the guild :slight_smile:


Don`t have invitation. Maybe try this invite code : SEMEK_Q6BL


Ok im in. Thank you :slight_smile:


My lv.493 and play everyday . i can donate +150k / +1000seal per week

My invite code : MANKGAPORE 1


Hi, invite code swampdodger (possibly uppercase) if the spot`s still available ?