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Cold Time Rock N' Troll

I really hope the weapon goes back to the old price and includes traitstones. 1000 glory for a weapon with no arcanes is too much. Please make it 300 or even 400 glory and comes with 2 arcane forests. In the last month we have had 2 epics, a legendary and a mythic all use forests and they haven’t been available for glory for a while.


Right, so it’s here. A double troll. Since seeing the spoilers, I was concerned… let’s see how it works out…

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Double the number of Blues on the boards then double the numbers of Browns. :crazy_face: Seriously with a 13 mana cost. LMFAO… is this what we’re donig now…

smh, I mean the game is already broken, so “what could go wrong” right? right?

yea ok, Mondays post, are going to be a great popcorn read :grin:

Yup he can feed both legendary it will be horrible

It’s like he’s made specifically for Bloodhammer…

As I said in the Spoiler section two whole months ago. Either its really good or its really not…


I experimented lot of team this weekend and the Dskulls creator are nice when they work but very frustrating when they don’t and i don’t recommend using these team in GW cause they are too random and risky. I prefer safer team

Edit: i also lost against 4x flamebomb because of the king 3rd trait when a troop suicide it activate the trait so you can figure what happened next :slight_smile:

I expect that: it’ll be volatile as hell, and likely to either fill all allies and freeze all enemies (Mab will be an auto-include), or match nothing and hand nice board to opponent. Meaning with how we all know RNG here operates, it’s too unreliable for high end player use, but it can now and then cause you a loss from nowhere on defences.

Let’s see how it behaves, but I think this fails the Jainus test…

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Deleted: 'Cause preparing boards is not relevant anymore.

So…I restart GoW and first thing i see… “Wrerch the Halls” with Gemhammer trying to seduce me…:blush:

I was never into Midgets, but this time i might make an exception :kissing_heart:


Still no gnomes in the forge…

All the expected troop are in the Event Chest’s pool, if anyone is worried about bugs. This is the resuly from 50 Event Keys…


Also, RNG is really nice to me lately. At first, I try to use one at a time in case of bugs. First one I got Glaycion, second was King Bloodhammer. It’s 2 Legendary from 2 event keys! I wish next Legandary is this easy… :rofl:


I did 200 event keys and got 8 Bloodhammer and 6 Glaycion. I like that RNG. Can’t get Gemhammer though and beggared if I’m wasting more event keys looking for her.


I always felt like the quest reward troops had an artificially low drop rate. I feel like for all of them the only way I tend to get them is via events.

Did I make that up? Is it not supposed to be that way?

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So after having played Ice Troll and the other Dhrak troops for a longer while i feel like Ice Troll is decent though ultimately weaker than regular Trolls.
For me creating two colours worked out about as consistent as the other Trolls’ one colour+3 regarding extraturns but he tends to generate a smaller amounts of mana overall.
His interaction with Bayhammer is also not that great as most of the board preparation is pointless, Glaycion actually does a much better job here for Bays first cast and after that Doomstorm takes over anyways making Ice Troll mostly pointless in Doomskull teams, i am looking forward to trying him out in other setups though.

I tried

Ice troll

If no blue on board you cast glaycion and if no red you cast bloodhammer

Cold Time Rock n Roll…
Anybody else singing this over and over and over again!?


Little question: Will this weekend be Gnome Weekend?
And will the occurrence of both the Pet Gnome and Red Gnome will be upped?

Because I am Guild Leader of a guild where only around 10 people are active, and they are spread all over the world. It would be nice that increased chance for Pet Gnomes would allow those lower on the ladder to get a few pets… (I am on console, where we don’t have notifications if a pet is found by another player; I also do not want to quit my own guild that exists almost for 1000 days…)

No, next week. Gnome week and Bounty week are every other week.

I already hate these doomskulls storm it remove all the strategy and win are only based about who will be the more lucky during cascade.

I had 4 troops vs 1 and AI was able to kill them all with ridiculous cascades