Cold Time Rock N' Troll

Originally published at: Cold Time Rock N’ Troll – Gems of War

New Epic Troop: Ice Troll

While the common forms of Trolls tend to inhabit the surface of Krystara, Sages have theorized that more powerful trolls formed of multiple elements might inhabit the deep areas of the world. The Ice Troll is the first one of these to be discovered!

The Ice Troll will be available for 400 Glory in the Rewards tab of the Shop. He will be in Event Chests this week, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

New Weapon: Daemon's Leash

The Daemon Glaycion was bound into the Underglacier with chains and spikes many centuries ago. Now that he’s broken loose, and the barriers to the deeps of Dhrak-Zum are broken, it’s been discovered those chains and spikes make fine weapons!

This week it will be available for Glory only.

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Yippie!!! :slight_smile:

Now this weapon look more useful then raid and invasion weapon

Al so this reminds me we didn’t get a new weapon for finishing Drak zum quest!

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double double toil and trouble…

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Oh good, we can use Event Keys on DZ when the week starts.

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Anti-Daemon waepons are so yesterday, we need anti-Divine stuff.
Looking forward to spending my Event Keys to get some of this Dhrak-Zum Michael Bay action!


Still good against gorghota he will be more popular with Dskulls

There is no such thing as a bad Bob Seger reference. Excited to see how trolly this thing is in use!

Actually you should have received Titan’s Bane after completing Dhrak-Zum’s quests, it should be in your weapon list.


Ok we didin’t see the notification after finishing story mode i only saw the troop but you are right it’s in the collection


You get it after leveling up. If you spam the a button after battle you would have missed it.

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i need many many glory to shopping this week :flushed:

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That guy, will be bad, with Skadi

I really hope the weapon goes back to the old price and includes traitstones. 1000 glory for a weapon with no arcanes is too much. Please make it 300 or even 400 glory and comes with 2 arcane forests. In the last month we have had 2 epics, a legendary and a mythic all use forests and they haven’t been available for glory for a while.


Right, so it’s here. A double troll. Since seeing the spoilers, I was concerned… let’s see how it works out…

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Double the number of Blues on the boards then double the numbers of Browns. :crazy_face: Seriously with a 13 mana cost. LMFAO… is this what we’re donig now…

smh, I mean the game is already broken, so “what could go wrong” right? right?

yea ok, Mondays post, are going to be a great popcorn read :grin:

Yup he can feed both legendary it will be horrible

It’s like he’s made specifically for Bloodhammer…

As I said in the Spoiler section two whole months ago. Either its really good or its really not…


I experimented lot of team this weekend and the Dskulls creator are nice when they work but very frustrating when they don’t and i don’t recommend using these team in GW cause they are too random and risky. I prefer safer team

Edit: i also lost against 4x flamebomb because of the king 3rd trait when a troop suicide it activate the trait so you can figure what happened next :slight_smile: