(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

But with two consecutive spawns instead of spawning both colours at once(at least that is how it is worded) this actually increases the chance for an extraturn drastically. And by providing two colours to the board this Troll is easily the best of them, probably even broken depending on the cost they settle for.


Didn’t catch that at first, but if the first spawn doesn’t get resolved seperately the chances for extraturn might not be as amazing as i assumed, however it will still produce insane amounts of blue/brown mana for your team.

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I don’t think it will resolve matches mid-spell. It’s very likely going to double the first color (replacing some of the second color), then double what remains of the second color (replacing some of the first color), then resolve matches. I suspect this may actually reduce the chance for an Extra Turn, because you are far less likely to fill the board with just one color. In the end it really depends on the gem spawning algorithm, how biased it is towards/against forming color clusters.

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There will be a bunch of overwriting, so it’s tough to predict whether it’ll be better than, worse than, or similar to the other troll units. Doubling the blues can overwrite some of the browns, which will then make doubling the browns less impactful, and doubling the browns can overwrite the newly-created blues, making the first transformation less impactful.

Overall, I’d guess that it’ll be less “reliable” than the single-color trolls (in terms of producing extra turns), but a potentially-large double-color transformer has merits of its own.

This Troll is for now a Legendary whereas the existing ones are Epic only. So I guess that this new Troll should be better.
If the spell doubles Blue gems overwritting Brown, and then doubles Brown gems overwritting Blue, that sounds pretty bad and unreliable. Or you have to cast him when there is few of one color and a lot of the other color…

I will prefer a Double the number of Blue Gems on the Board, then transform Blue Gems to Brown Gems.

Pets look… Cool!

Something new to collect, and I’ll guess you attach them to teams like banners for a small bonus. Guessing bonus similar to guild statue bonus.

But maybe some extra cool things, like baby snake grants troops poison on skull hit.

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Would have to test it to be sure, or at least know precisely how the Troll’s spell works, but it does sound pretty error-prone.

Now what would be scary is if it worked like this:

  • Double blue gems
  • Resolve that board and cascade
  • THEN double brown gems
  • Resolve THAT board and cascade

I just don’t think that’s it. Its more likely to be…

  • Double blue gems
  • Brown # gets heavily reduced
  • THEN double brown gems, only there’s a tiny amount left (3-6) and it doesn’t work
  • (Brown gems may mess with the perfectly good blue gem matches)
  • Hands board to enemy
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I think the current trolls are already dominant enough in the game and we really don’t need another, stronger, more broken one. Just: no thanks.


Does anyone know what these troops are supposedly released tomorrow on the Taransworld website?

The traits suggest a bounty hunt but i lost track of any new upcoming events so some advice would be greatly appreciated :blush:

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My best guess is that Ice Wraith releases today at rollover into the new Bounty Shop and the other three that are listed (Parrot, Rift Lynx and Scavenger) actually get released with future bounty events. That’s just a guess though, but it would follow from the fact that future events show a single bounty troop related to the current week’s kingdom. We should know more in 4-5 hours when the bounty preview post will presumably appear.

I’d have a couple of Arcane Shield traitstones at the ready, but there isn’t much else you can do to prepare at this point.


Yes, the bounty event starts tomorrow :slight_smile:

You can see a timer for it in “Games” tab in the game. Currently 13h 23m to go!


Ice Wraith will be the Bounty Captain (double bonus).

We surely have the shop similar to the other ones so we could get:

  • random troops from a pool of troops (I guess only Bounty troops so Parrot, Rift Lynx and Scavenger and maybe Ice Wraith)
  • one specific troop, Ice Wraith

That’s a guess :wink: .

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Don’t expect preview, salty already mentionned they won’t post any

I would think that this being the first bounty event they would release 4 troops. And for future events just release 1.

The really big question is: Will there be sigils? I don’t think anyone knows for sure yet.

Yes there is sigils for sure since you can see valraven in bounty


As currently implemented, it clearly doesn’t work yet. Once the mechanics are fixed, I can tell you what the order will be. (Right now it does an awful lot of counting but only creates one color.)

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Well since there will be 4 new troops for this bounty, i will need to change my plan and buy more tier untill i catch 1 copy of each troops. At least the gems cost is less expensive

Seems there’s 3 weeks missing from the spreadsheet between May 11 and June1?

Oh yeah, I updated the spreadsheet and I added possible dates because:

  • we know Bounty event happen once every month
  • during Bounty event, there are 3 troops released with one Rare

It’s still strange that both these two Bounty events will be on a GW week… Maybe a new event will be added and push the GW to once by month too…

So I can be wrong about that… But dates are not that much important.

EDIT: I also didn’t put the 2 Blackhawk troops as they lost their base rarity…

Not sure but i think salty mentionned during stream they will add a new game mode when 3.4 go out?

Not sure if this new event will rotate with RB/Invasion/GW or not…

Sirrian also talked about side events which could occur any day of the week…

2018 seems the Event year for GoW :wink: .