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[SPOILER] New troops coming soon!

Wow more Whitehelm troops!

All info from https://www.taransworld.com/Spoilers/

First up

Holy St. Astra

Legendary Whitehelm divine-human

7957 Divine spark (14 Gem_Yellow_Green%20(1) Yellow/Green): Give [Magic +1] Life and Armor to all allies. Create a Lightstorm, and Enchant all Humans

MAX 15 image, 36 image, 11 image , 6 image

Blessed: all allies gain 2 random skill points

Minor Wind Traitstone: 18
Runic Nature Traitstone: 10
Runic Wind Traitstone: 10

Spell armor: Reduces damage from spells by 25%

Minor Wind Traitstone: 26
Major Wind Traitstone: 12
Arcane Light Traitstone: 10

Inspire Hope: Allied humans start battles with 50% mana

Minor Wind Traitstone: 34
Arcane Light Traitstone: 6
Celestial Traitstone: 2

Holy St Astra, Batman!

Scheduled for 11/19/2018 Note: release dates could change any time


Angry mob

Ultra-rare Whitehelm Human

7956 Riot (13 Gem_Red_Brown Red/Brown): Destroy [Magic +1] random Gems, and Burn a random enemy. Then either: summon an Angry Mob, OR Deal [Magic +1] damage to the first enemy.

MAX 11 image, 35 image, 5 image, 6 image

Human bond: allied humans gain 2 life

Minor Fire Traitstone: 14
Major Fire Traitstone: 6
Major Earth Traitstone: 6

Alert: immunity to silence

Minor Fire Traitstone: 20
Runic Fire Traitstone: 6
Runic Earth Traitstone: 6

Bloodlust: Become enraged when an enemy dies

Minor Fire Traitstone: 26
Major Fire Traitstone: 8
Arcane Lava Traitstone: 3

What do we want? More Codes! When do we want them? Now!

Scheduled for 11/19/2018 Note: release dates could change any time

St. Astra is so beautiful, I love her.

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And it’s nice to see the dev team draw inspiration from the community for the other troop listed.


Would love to see an Angry Mob battlecrasher that drops random goodies. Just sayin’…

Why are there non humans in human angry mobs though?

Maybe he’s mad because somebody modified his ears?

Because “Carl” is a decent guy so they invited him anyway.

And deep down they are all good skellys trapped inside their meaty prisions…

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St Astra looks like queen Titania

It’s her long lost sister :crazy_face: :rofl:

From whitehelm (halfway across the world)

Ak47 for everyone!

Hope you won’t use it on such a lovely girl… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: