(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

You’re right, my bad. 15/21 or 21/26 … really depends on if they decide to do a color + skull combination. More if they decide to do a color + doomskull combination…

Blue then yellow is different from yellow then blue, since the second color could overwrite the first.

Doubling skulls is not a troll function - Skeleros is “Undead / Tauros”. I think these “skull + color” mixes will be some Undeads or Daemons.

Some trolls will use same mana colors for sure: there are only 15 two-colored combinations for 21 trolls.

There are no wordings like “Blue then Brown” or “Red then Brown” for Ice and Lava trolls. But it’s interesting how exactly their spells work.

I think that might have been how Ice Troll used to be worded – can’t really remember exactly, though.

“First one, then the other” was exactly how the spells were originally worded:

I don’t remember when they were changed to their current form. (By the way, my Lava Troll will overwrite existing red gems to create brown gems. I have a video and everything.)

Yes, that was the “first edition” of their spells. BTW, how guardians’ spells work? They “create 15 gems, a mix of {color} and a chosen type”, but in what order?

That doesn’t seem particularly balanced lol…

(Its Moira Cragheart)

Lol, yeah.

I think the Devs just hate Green Gems :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

Of course they hate green, that is why their shop is always outdated and flash offers don’t work.

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For how much everyone thinks King Gobtruffle is super op, you’d think all of the green gem hate would be welcomed lol

Green to doomskulls is not a unique effect in the brown or blue coloring (doomed club/the maraji queen), but I’ll gladly take it as a blue/brown troop.

12 mana might be low, but Apophosis (green to skulls) is 12 mana when not empowered, and The Maraji Queen is 15 mana.

What I can say is its actually a useful boss slayer troop for non-boss occasions, for once.

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Australian money comes in diverse colours. Green is the colour of the least used banknote. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s probably why we still have no ‘something into green’ empowered troop. :sweat_smile:

All you folks just jinxed it. Empowered purple to green converter coming to the Glory shop on Oct 14th for the Maugrim Woods Raid.

Newest Daemon hero class looks really stupid, but still not as bad as the Stryx hero’s 3rd trait, which is the same as its 1st talent. I won’t ever shut up about how bad that is…

yay … slow golf clap

Yellow/Blue isn’t a common gem converter color (Astral Spirit is the first Yellow/Blue that comes to mind). Hunter’s Mark the first Enemy is a very strong effect.

I’m sure this troop will see play, though I’m not sure if I want to see it see play.

Ghulvania has always confused me.

Every named character is Epic, but things that could probably exist in multiples (Bats, Wolves) are the Legendary troops.

Vlad the Unsated is Epic
A generic Dullahan is Legendary though lol. speaking of which:

18 mana (Red/Brown)
Midnight Ride
Deal [Magic + 4] damage to an Enemy, boosted by Ally and Enemy deaths. Kill either a first Enemy or a first Ally. [5x]

… lol. Not great, just lol.

12 Mana ( Green, Purple)
Eardrum Burster
Silence an Enemy. Explode [Magic + 1] Gems of one of their Mana Colors. Gain an Extra Turn.
Trait #3: Song of Nature
Summon a Leafstorm at the start of Battle.

That’s going to end well. I mean, may as well signal all of the King Gobtruffle is OP fans to rally against this one too.

(Targeted Silence/Explosion/and Extra turn with a Storm that refills it). Princess Fizzbang is crying in a corner now.

*Mech Gnome is Impervious because lol

The Gray King
24 Mana ( Blue, Purple, Brown)
The Gray March
Destroy all Gems of a chosen Color. All Enemies of that Color take [Magic + 3] true damage, and are Mana drained, Silenced, and Frozen.
Trait #3: King’s Legion
All Undead Allies gain 1 Armor and Magic when matching 4 or more Gems.

I like that they’re trying to do a Mythic version of Shocktopus, but Blue/Purple/Brown might be the most unfortunate color in Gems of War in terms of troop quality. (or maybe Undeads have the worst traits? undecided)

like this trait is something that Xathenos should have had (at gain 2 Armor and Magic). This 3rd trait doesn’t help this troop or teammates that would be paired with this troop all that much. It has a potentially strong spell effect, but not something I want to cast at 24 mana.

Imagine how much fun this troop would be if The Gray King had a 3rd trait of Explode 2 skulls when matching 4 or more Gems.

Cat Burglar has been changed from 10 gold to 20 gold. Since this effect only triggers when an enemy dies, its still pretty ineffective. Gain 20 gold should be part of its cast effect as the spell itself is already underwhelming as is.

King of Thieves has been nerfed from 4:1 to 5:1. Since the troop is unreleased, shrug. Ok.

Street Thief: Massively buffed and partially nerfed at the same time. The good news? It no longer makes an irrelevant 10 gems. It can make a super nasty 16 purple gems. Bad news? You have to steal 3 gold for 1 extra gem. The enemy faction team might not gain 30 gold that quickly to steal. Or enemy pvp teams. I don’t know. Its a better troop for outside faction use, but isn’t as reliable in the current faction vs faction battle.

Tomb Robber: Buffed from a max of 12 to a max of 14 skulls. That’s scary since its based on your gold. Boost ratio has dropped from 4:1 to 5:1, but 40 gold isn’t the hardest amount to hit…

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The 3rd round of Doomed Weapons have been heavily modified (from transform a color to mixture maker). Its almost really good, but the mixture is based on the enemy team composition, relegating them to only be useful for Guild Wars defense.

So close. If it was modified for mixtures to be based on allied colors, they would all be amazing weapons.

Diabolist 3rd trait: Hellsteed
25% chance to summon a Nightmare when an Ally casts a Spell.

Meh. I’m sure someone will blow it out of proportion as something super amazing though.

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Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t a new round of Doomed weapons imply that by design, if you don’t buy enough scrolls to completely temper a Doomed weapon you’re going to be unable to completely temper all Doomed weapons forever?

I was kind of expecting if you didn’t get them all on the first round, they’d cycle back through and that would make up for it. Am I just missing that they’re cycling back through?

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Don’t know if they are cycling back through ever, but you can craft old Doomed weapons via the Soulforge, I believe. Plus you can always buy unlimited forge scrolls in the ToD event shop…

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Yes, the community pointed that out back when Tower of Doom got released. The event was announced as a spectacular opportunity to earn piles of gems, while in reality it was identified as by far the greatest gem sink ever introduced. If you participate extensively you still need to buy the last shop tier several times to fully upgrade the event weapon, for each Tower of Doom event. As much as I remember the detailed analysis and resulting questions were dealt with the established standard way, silence.

I’d still be curious to know why Tower of Doom has a much higher participation cost and much lower reward payout than Raid and Invasion. I guess the answer would involve a combination of words not compatible with their communication guidelines.