PC/Mobile Event: Trollolololol



Most Trolls intensely dislike sunlight. Dark Trolls prefer the stormy skies and rocky overhangs of Karakoth, while Sea Trolls are at home in the murky ocean depths, and the Rock Trolls seldom venture to the surface world at all.

Desert Trolls on the other hand can’t get ENOUGH sunlight. If Trolls were humans, these guys would be walking around in sunglasses and tight singlet-tops, like a Venice Beach native with an awesome tan. In fact, when compared to their brethren, what Desert Trolls lack in accumulated treasure, they more than make up for in swag and attitude! There’s at least a 50/50 chance if you bump into one of these guys in the Drifting Sands, he may not eat you, but instead give you a hearty fist-bump to send you on your way.

Also, stay tuned for a “Nimhain’s Lair” post on the forums this week about an upcoming Troll Rework in the 3.0.5 update!

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

P.S. Sorry about the delayed post… the website hack last week broke the auto-publish link between the website & the forums ,and we didn’t find out until this morning!


No worry Sirrian i got your back :slight_smile:


I saw that! Thanks! :smile:


Also… this! (because quality music)

And a quick PSA to not get your Desert Troll confused with the Dessert Troll, below…



Better to ignore trolls then to work with them! :laughing:

@Sirrian, the link to both troops are switched around. I clicked on Bandit and it shows Sekhma and vice versa.


Brace yourselves, The trolls are coming! Get the weapons ready! Stand by to repel negativity!

In all seriousness, Desert Troll sounds hilariously awesome. Sounds like a dude you can hang out with in a bar and he’ll help you in many ways

@Sirrian @Nimhain any ETA on the lair post?

People are starting to get a bit restless about the state of the game. And predominantly around famine.

Why 11 mana instead of 10 when he has the exact same effect as Rock Troll and Sea Troll but for a different color? Dark Troll is 11 mana, but also has soul generation. Is the upcoming buff going to improve him more than the others?

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I hope the unicorn make it faster :slight_smile:

New troop :slight_smile: intro text written to reinforce all my Australian stereotype… coolio :slight_smile:

Venice Beach, not Bondi. :wink:

This is the week to troll along
lols unite!

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i do like the element of danger with this troll, 50/50 that he will eat me or give me something to eat sounds like decent odds to me!

Anyone got a good team with Desert Troll?

I am trying it out with Desert Troll,Khorvash,Valerie and Sylvanimora.

It is fun but feels lacking in AOE as I always liked using TDS.