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Video: Free Troop! Rock Troll Teams

Hello everyone! Today I go over the new Rock Troll troop as well as some viable teams to use with him. He is the first troop in the game to have the new stun mechanic. A stunned troop is unable to use traits for the stun’s duration or until it is cleansed.

Also, I should be back on a normal upload schedule now of at least 1 video per day! Now that the week long stream is over, my voice is better, and I got over my illness, I will now be able to continue to regularly provide content again.

Congrats to Silent Strike and Alex who both beat me in my attempt to get global rank 1 last week. Silent Strike is on the path to take 1st place this week too! :slight_smile:



Yay new video!

Hey @Tacet, since you’ve unlocked Knockout, do you mind testing what happens vs. Bone Dragon, Sheggra, Hydra, or Gloom Leaf’s third traits? I’m interested to know whether Knockout or the reactive traits apply first.


I wii be glad to trade you some arcane dark for some minor fire :stuck_out_tongue:

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You know there’s a distribution problem when…


… all you need to finish fully traiting Forest of Thorns is 60 more minor green.

Traits trigger first. I just tested it on stoneskin. That is also why impervious stops stun (which the devs said is a correctly working mechanic).

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Makes sense. So Rock Troll vs. Bone Dragon would freeze Rock Troll the first time, but not thereafter (assuming that Stun hasn’t worn off). Something to keep in mind.

Thanks for checking!

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