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Video: Forgotten Experiments Event + Darkstone Kingdom Showcase

Hello everyone! Today I go over the 2 new troops of Corrupt Sorceress and Remanant as well as teams with them. I also go over the buff to Draakulis. In addition, since Darkstone has 10+ troops, I also briefly go over every troop in the kingdom.



From your video I see that Draak’s third trait no longer triggers when other troops do skull damage. Was that mentioned in the weekly update thread?

Nope, and I completely forgot to mention it. xD

Does that officially make him better as a front line tank? Seems like if things go pear-shaped, 8 hp per skull match is going to be too little too late (late game anyway).

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Losing that 3rd traits flexibility negates most of the buffs he got.

Good point, probably should be discussed in the update thread.

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