My thoughts: Orcs and event

I want to start with this event, especially compared to last week. Why is this week’s snotstone so much easier than last week? Correct me if I’m wrong, but check it:

Last week: 1 stone per PVP game. 250 needed for all rewards (I stopped at 150) this was WAY TOO many stones needed at 1 per pvp game. Most weeks I can hit all 6 rewards, this was overkill.

This week: 1 stone per orc killed in PVP OR EXPLORE. 150 for all rewards. I could probably get 250 for this one easily, plus you can grind explore for quick stones. Why is there such disparity in how difficult these are to do compared to one another?

About Orc rework: This has been pretty cool so far, IMO. I’m actually winning some PVP games with these guys lol.

Orc: Seems really good for a common atm. Enrage AND attack boost combined in his spell give him some serious immediate strength. Top it off with changing green to brown, awesome. Fire link and armored are good for a common, too. This guy seems WAY better than Dark song, which is sad to me. I might be thinking Orc is a little too powerful, but really, Dark Song desperately needs help still.

Drake Rider: Buffed AoE and auto summon drake on death are nice, I think he is in a good spot now.

Dark Song: Needs help. I think I was more likely to use her before her “buff.” Not sure what it would take but she is EXTREMELY unimpressive. Meh damage, a crummy reduce skill by 4 side effect, and steal 6 mana from two specific kinds of troops?!?!? Make that universal, OR increase the amount stolen from those troops. I don’t find her traits very good, but I personally think the spell needs more work.

GarNok: I think he’s in a better spot, too. His spell might be a bit OP, considering almost any team that he is in will have 3-4 orcs (you want best use of his fast orc spell trait) the spell is almost a guaranteed create 10-11 of each gem, which is kind of obscene IMO. The true damage to ally part of his spell fires off every Orc “when I take damage, gain X” trait, which is a cool synergy, but again just reinforces the point that his spell might be too strong as is, due to the practically 100% guarantee that orcs will be in team comp with him.

These are the four I’ve used in a few battles. I’d like to hear what others think of the orcs, and am I alone in being kind of irritated at how easy this week’s event will be compared to last week?

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As an endgame player I must admit that I am grateful for Gar’Noks rework. I hate to say it, but thats the only thing I like with the Orcs rework. Did I run a 4 x Orc team, no. Am I planning running it, no. Did I expect more from the rework, yes. Was it a mistake to expect more, surely it was.

He is in a better spot than he was but…
Doesn’t feel legendary unless he is in an orc deck. I actually use him for his summon capacities in Red color war, but honestly, if he wasn’t spawning the gems of an interesting color for this deck, I would play Gwayne.
Gwayne does the summoning part way better
Gwayne costs less mana
Gwayne doesn’t hurt your own troops
Gwayne generates as much gems (if there are no other Orcs than himself for Gar’Nok).

I’m not saying Gwayne is better than Gar’Nok, and I actually do not dislike the fact that Gar’Nok needs to be in specific decks to feel legendary. I’m just sad that other legendaries (Krystenax, Queen Mab, Gorgotha) feel as strong, played in any deck than him in an orc deck, while legendaries than need to be in specific decks (Forest Guardian, Dragon Soul) are in a much better spot (as they are still very good outside their niche decks and really amazing when played in the right deck)

It must clearly have been opposite-day when they ‘buffed’ Dark Song.

And for Garnoks spell to be OP… dont think so. It is only a bit much if you’re running an all orc team, which then is not so OP anymore, cause they suck. I justed played pvp all orcs vs orcs and it takes ages to finish (even with 4x speed), cause everyone summons sh*t like crazy and nobody has a spell that deals remotely enough damage to snipe a summoner. Orcs been meh… they still meh, sadly.

Play orc vs orc for snotstones, cause you be collecting like 20 per match.


Cause you wont be finding enough orcs to kill in pvp. Unlike last week, when BulTauros dealt 120+ dmg for 11 mana.

Fel’Dras is your friend :slight_smile:

I’ve been running an orc deck in PvP today, it’s been working great. And I’ve fought a lot of orcs already, people are using them. Though I feel the AI isn’t that great with them, I’ve had little trouble destroying orc teams.

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Guess we’re having a different definition of “sniping” then :wink:

Who needs sniping when you can murderize everything with skulls in two casts of Orc?

Except if a wild entangle comes in the way that is.
Besides, this is during event, after event, I don’t know how true this will hold.

I am using an all orc team and it wrecks, but as Jason said, it tends to be a bit slow. The team I am using is Orc/Cyclops/Orc Veteran or Fel’Dras/Gar’Nok. Cyclops does 90+ damage per cast, Fel’Dras does over 100+ versus Orc teams otherwise I use Orc Veteran for the red gem spawn, when it doesn’t glitch. Gar’Nok makes all the orcs more powerful as he triggers their on life damage traits, an he is an almost guaranteed extra turn due to the huge gem spawn. Also, the Forest Guardian trait is very helpful for speeding things up. So is it a great PvP team, no because it is slow, but the looping and summoning makes it a pretty safe team and a potential for Guild Wars this week due to the 50% buff at least on Red day.

As to the rework, it won’t change the meta but it is a real improvement over where the orcs were, with the glaring exception of Dark Song, who is now utter trash.

@Saltypatra When Orc Veteran kills an opponent, he doesn’t spawn his 8 red gems. Can you guys look into this? Had it happen several times now. Going to continue testing it.

I agree 100%. If you add Summoner and Garnok into the team, it should be a very safe setup for guild wars.

Orc Veteran obviously broken right from the day he is released. Not spawning gems when he kills a troop might be intended though, to prevent infinite loops. Either broken, or bad spell description, still believe it’s the first of the two though.

Totally agree on the snotstone event, I had the 150 by day 2 while last week I didn’t even try to get to 250 and had to really work to even get to 150. I understand some weeks should/could be easier than others but why didn’t they stick with the 250 like last week?

BTW, I am loving these new orcs, they are very fun to use.