Bug Report Rock Troll

Hello, I hope this is the right place to post. I have the Indigestible trait on my Rock Troll, but it gets devoured all the time. Is there a patch coming for this? Thanks. Oh I play on the PS4.

It could be that he is getting stunned, which negates traits on a troop.

No it happens when he’s not stunned, but thanks.

What platform are you playing on?

I play on the PS4

I tried again today, but the Rock Troll was still devoured. And he was not stunned.

Please double check that you invested the Traitstones in to upgrade Rock Troll. In addition what Troop is devouring Rock Troll?

Yes, I have invested in the trait. Kerberos devoured the Rock Troll today and other days, but I am pretty sure it’s happened with others like the Great Maw. Kerberos is the one I seem to face the most.

Hi Gwendol1nn,

The team tested this in the office and confirms that Indigestible was not working as intended on consoles. It’s been added to the 2.2 Console Known Bug List.

Impervious’ immunity to devour is working correctly though.


Thanks! I’m glad I wasn’t crazy :slight_smile:

Ok, the only time I actually SEE the “Console Known Bug List” is whenever someone links to it.

Which forum are the official bug reports actually posted in?

Official news as always. Top post regularly updated with status of known bugs.

The console known bug list can be found in the Offical News category.