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Video: Manticore Skull Spam Teams

Hello everyone! Today I go over some Manticore teams just in time for a troop coming tomorrow that is going to make non-impervious skull spam teams much weaker.



@Tacet the youtube vid is broken *(

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That is just YouTube having an issue on some browsers while the video is reaching full resolution. I have been trying to post them unlisted then list them when they are full HD, but sometimes I forget.


Thank you Tacet, always fun to watch!

Thank you. Helpful as always. I’m going to try it with Grave Knight since I don’t have Bone Dragon or the other legendary you mentioned. I do have Wight, but I have Crimson Bat at the rear.

Could also try Grave Knight + Raven if you have. It was one of the most popular combos back when Grave Knight was first added to the game.

No problem. Thanks! :slight_smile:

OK. I’ll check for Raven, but I may have to wait a while. I’ve been playing for less than 2 months, lol. Luck with the chests has been sporadic for me. Thanks again, Tacet.

He is the quesline epic for Mist of Scales that would allow you to get him for free. Doing that kingdom also unlocks the Assassin class from the bonus quest line, so 2 in 1.

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Oh! Then I have got Raven because I’m using the Assassin class now. Happy, happy, joy, joy, lol. ┏(^0^)┛

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It’s here! http://gemsofwar.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/blog_sylvanimora.png

I was just browsing my kingdoms and troops and stumbled upon a troop that would fit well in the first spot too: Dragon Cruncher.
Have you forgot about him or are you just trying to protect the “Salad Dragon”? :wink:

Most teams would only use 1 Sylvanimora and 1 dragon. I am aware of this and already set my team to 4x impervious with a Dragon Crusher in 2nd slot for that reason. xD

@Tacet current meta: manticore over maw?

If the Maw isn’t fully traited, Maticore is pretty much always better than it.

If both are traited, Maw is better against stoneskin and granite skin; otherwise, Manticore is better for everything else.

yeah i played around with it a bit the past hours and Maw does feel stronger (fully traited comparison)

also: go to sleep!