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New Kingdom - Dhrak-Zum

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/new-kingdom-dhrak-zum/

New Kingdom: Dhrak-Zum


Join Gemhammer, little sister to Keghammer, as you explore the fallen mines of the Dhrak-Zum dwarves!

We have a new Kingdom to explore, as well as lots of new troops, which include the frozen daemon Glaycion, and King of the Dhrak-Zum Dwarves, King Bloodhammer!

Keep an eye out for new traits and spells that can create Doomskulls or the newst storm, Doomstorm!

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So nice to be the first!

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DOOM DoooooooM doom


Cannot open the image.


ps4 server is down ?

4 restart and now is ok.

Phar Hound is in the gold chests, people say.

Can anyone confirm both legends are in? :3


I can confirm from experience to SAVE everything until the event keys are viable next week.

“14k gold keys, 560 gems, 115k glory, 200 gem keys. Not a single fucking legendary. Wow
I mean, I got every other legendary in the game about 10 times over…”- me to my guild.


Just got 1 copy of each from 600 gem keys on PS4

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On Andriod, I got Glaycion from gem keys, so it’s in the pool. Don’t know about King Bloodhammer, as I still doesn’t got him yet. Can also confirmed all other 6 troops are in the pool already.

Somehow, from those 136 gem keys from last week, I got another The Wild Queen and Skadi as well.

On lore topic, whoa… Keghammer’s sister! So excited to play the quest. Will come back later to tell how it goes! ^^

Bloodhammer is in the drop pool as well

i get one, so I guess yes :slight_smile:
Edit the second one with guild chests :wink:

Not a fan of Doomskulls or anything related to them, but I enjoyed the questline except for the fact that Keghammer and Gemhammer really showed me how BAD I am with English accents because I had serious issues to follow. So lemme post a picture of a confused bunny for the convenience of everyone.
I just used my Gold Keys as everything else is just for mythic-weeks, so I didn’t get a single star on my new kingdom, but eeeeh. At least I got some gems from the Gold Chests, which is nice, because… yeah I caved in the end and bought some Snow Bunnies from the event shop on Wednesday. As in, a LOT of Snow Bunnies…:rabbit::see_no_evil:


15000 glory keys and no stupid undead dwarf king.

With 1,418 Glory Keys and 278 Gem Keys, not to mention a decent amount of gold spent opening Gold Chests, I was able to one-star Dhrak-Zum… but no Legendary troops. :frowning:

I did pull a War tho. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Ugh. Of all the Mythics available, RNG just had to give me that one…

War is the last mythic I need. I’ll be getting it on Sunday, but if trading was a thing, I would give you this Abynissia and Scorpius I pulled for it.

Rough seeing others pull the last one I need lol

Just finish the questline, it was quite an epic adventure! Light spoiler ahead…

The battle theme is an fiery ice cave, so they’re many Rock/Ice/Fire monster troops to fight. All recently released troops that fit the theme are there, even a single future troop is mentioned in the dialogue! Surprisingly, another mythic is appeared in the fight, somehow just a filter minion to Legandary troop. Wierd…

As for the ending, they keep hinting about the ice melting in the cave. So when I finished fighting Glaycion, I half expected some form of Infernus secretly live under the glacier. Turned out it might be just Global Warming (or too many people keep using Infernus/Fire Bomb team? lol).

From the way I understood it, it’s a hint for either a future kingdom, the mythic of Dhrak-Zum or maybe just a hint that our Apocalypse kingdom is underground? There was some sort of talk about a second worldmap to make space for more kingdoms, right?

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There was talk of an underworld map.

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