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These two new Doomskull based legendaries are mythic level strong

Holy crap, these troops are so strong. At first I thought only Glaycion would be strong, because he’s easier to chain. And it’s true, he’s very easy to chain, and causes a ton of damage, plus gains a ton of mana for your team when you do.

But King Bloodhammer’s third trait is redonkulus. Once you cast your spell once, you just about guarantee that you’ll get a chain of explosions and wipe the other team out.

I foresee some nerfs in the future.

Edit: Even when my first troop is entangled, doomskulls still kill the opposing enemy.


Well “mythic level strong” is a very vague term as there are mythics that are barely better than some UR troops, and others that are insanely powerful basically soloing games.
However i do agree(as will most anyone) that the Dhrak-Boom legendaries are super strong and Doomstorm is just silly.
Honestly, already expecting Doomskull ridiculousness from when i first saw the spoiled data of these troops, i still was surprised about how Doomstorm actually impacts the game.
I first assumed it would massively increase the chance of Skulls to turn into Doomskulls (from the basic 10% up to 50%+ or something), i never expected it to actually be a full effect storm for Doomskulls, just seems silly tbh.


I wonder how Stonehammer holds up to these, since he is supposed to be the ultimate skull tank in the game. Maybe if you combine him and Sylvanimora…

They are so much fun though. And in defense they are very risky. For pet rescue they are amazing!

I got a full board cascade 7 times in a row after the whole team was dead today, it was so hilarious. It was in pet rescue thankfully.

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He doing a very good job i was using a dwarf team and it took at least 20-25 skull match cascades to kill him


I was really worried at first and now I’m ready to wait and see.

I’ve played the mirror match and the AI isn’t very good at piloting this team. It tends to treat converters with a very “YOLO” attitude and that means you have a few more turns to start tearing it apart than the AI gets when you’re exploding them with it. Sometimes it accidentally makes a good decision and it’s early game over. But maintaining a loop takes a little bit of clever matching along with luck.

The other thing I’ve noticed is Psion/Famine can eat this team’s lunch. It’s important to keep mana up on everything so you always have choices to make, but once Psion and Famine start high-fiving each other you’re going to hate life.

My guess is there’s a Silence-based team out there that’s also a menace. Elemaugrim’s been a problem but it “extends the match” more often than “makes it unwinnable”.

In short: if you’re on offense against the Doomskulls AI and you’re something approaching late-to-end-game, it’s about like fighting Goblins: let it get started and you’re toast. In terms of defense, I don’t know that the game’s AI is prepared to do anything novel.

I say all that to mean I think nerfs might be slow if they come at all. “It’s too easy to win” is kind of a nice thing, as a player. What tends to invite nerfs is, “There’s no team that consistently wins”. In this case the AI is dumb enough I think this team’s much better on offense than defense.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m playing the heck out of it until it’s gone.


I’ve taken down several already. Psion usually dies before casting, but even when Famine cast on me, I was making mana so easily it didn’t matter. Perhaps it’s just because I’ve designed my team so well, and not all teams will have that resiliency.

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For the record, I’ve had superbly bad luck in all of my Psion matchups. I’m pretty sure if I get a good start I’d tear Psion a new one, but instead all of my games have been “Sorry, skulls don’t get to touch red or blue. Ever.”

Good job on the, “Well maybe if you were as smart as me you’d be undefeated”, though.


Sorry, you’re right. That comment was really snobby. My bad.

I still can’t believe people are not
Complaining more then that, i remember people were crying for more strategy. These dskulls are far from strategy they are a real joke especially the dskulls storms.

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This team has NOTHING on the current Divine meta. I’m not going to keep it secret, either. Divine weapon from the shop last week, Infernus, Ketras, Ishbaala. Here is how it goes: divine weapon power Infernus, he either fills the weapon or himself back, throw in some Ketras and there you go.

This new team is a “ahahaha stupid” a few times. Then the cracks show. The stars have to align perfectly for you to win in about 15 seconds. When they do, it is very funny. Those other times? You’re spending a minute planning your moves and praying for a happy skull explosion.

So yeah, it’s great when it works. However, the AI can’t pick and choose like we can. The AI will cast whatever, whenever. And as such, set itself up for failure where even a fairly low end team can chain doomskulls to defeat it.

So nah, it isn’t broken or OP or whatever. It is a cheap (as in not expensive, currently because of event keys) team that has a CHANCE to be amazing, but is also “eh, okay”.

I spent 2 ascension orbs on the legendaries, and I don’t regret it because I wanted to do it. I’m not mad or disappointed. This team is FUN, when it works. But for fast/efficient ranked PVP gold grinding? I’ll use my Divines.


I’ve faced every variation of Infernus Divine team several times with Glaycion. Haven’t lost yet.

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Uhm while this team isn’t an insane rushdown everytime, personally i havn’t experienced my ranDoom team to ever just be “eh, okay”.
Not saying Divines aren’t also the shit but on average i doubt Divines would be more efficient.
Most of my games are fill the manafeeder to fill one Doomie to kill something and fill the other Doomie to kill the rest. Gorgotha slows the start down a bit, but that’s about it. Technically Divines have to cast about the same if not more so i think they are en par at best.

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As I said, the AI can’t steer the team correctly. This proves my point, so yes, good job.

I timed my average wins with Divine and Skullspam. Divines win by a minute after 50 ranked PVP battles on average.

This includes starting boards that favored both teams.

Keep in mind, you’re talking about 2 mythics plus a hero to compare to a team based on just one legendary. That’s the point of the thread.

Well since Divines technically have to cast at least as often then you seem to handle your Doomies a tad slower than you handle your Divines, more a matter of preference than objective efficiency i would say.
However i do think Divines are better on defense played by the AI than Doomies.

No doubt about that, but it isn’t new at all. Some Common troops are more useful than Xanathos, for example. This is just more apparent because these are new, but look at some of the Mythics and compare them to other troops. Similar conversations came up with Yao, who is better than a lot of Mythics.

And yes @Gouki I objectively see the result is better for ME to use Divines, but overall I can’t and won’t speak to it. Preference and RNG will be different each battle for each player on each day of the week/month/year.

Better? Yeah probably and certainly less risky

No hard feelings, I’ve had a few people snap at me that way and push back on it when I see it.

I don’t think you’re wrong. I’ve been watching my guild brew all day and they’ve been posting the stuff that beats them.

When you first get this team, unless you’re in some specific matchups it can feel like this is the end of the GoW world. But as you play vs. more and more teams, you find out it’s like any other “meta worthy” team and has a lot of situations. I guess it’s like a faster, slightly-more-lucky Goblins. But when you go against the things that eat this team’s lunch, you find its gimmicks fall apart.

Since it really only needs 2 legendaries and some other relatively cheap troops, I think this is going to be a fairly common midgame team. For endgame, it’s a tool. Like the Ishbaala / Infernus core, there are a lot of viable things you can do with Glaycion / Bloodhammer and it takes a lot of play to figure out how they all balance.

I think it’s going to take the PvP meta a little while to adjust, but I’m already seeing some weirdo teams that I think are attempts to fight this meta. This is good! The more “meta-viable with weaknesses” teams we have, the more variety people will put in their defense teams.