These two new Doomskull based legendaries are mythic level strong


On point, I feel. My Divine team can pretty much beat anything in this game, but there are some teams which I feel it struggles against more than other.

The end game changed in that there is more variety in PVP. As I said though, the Skullspam team is utter trash in the hands of the AI, so I’m not sure how long the changes will stay once people realize their defense team is mostly useless.


So far my Glaycion team is 10 and 11 on defense. Small data set to be sure, and I’ve never actually tried to build a really good defensive team, so maybe those aren’t good numbers after all, but they’re better than I’ve ever had before.

Edit: Note I say Glaycion team. Bloodhammer is not a part of it. I didn’t mean to imply these two were good together; in fact I don’t believe they are compared to designing teams around them.


I’m running TDS/Glac/Hammer/Apoco at the moment to try it out. I’ve ran a number of things with both troops and some with one or the other. What are you currently using? Those defense numbers aren’t tragic, but they aren’t spectacular either.


Replacing Ketras on my Divine team has proven to be quite entertaining. I have to run out and have only done 3 matches so far, I’ll report back when I find some time to play.



Working relatively well but this is a double edge sword


You may very well come up with a better team that is build around Glayce only, but they are definitely great together nonetheless.


The team I’m using on offense is bizarre looking, but so far 40-1 (lucky as hell Khorvash got me once). Celestasia, Glaycion, Yao Guai, Queen Aurora. The 4th slot was an afterthought because I just didn’t know what to put in there. I guess maybe Bloodhammer could take a turn. Celestasia is there for her barrier mostly, but that cleanse comes around occasionally. Yao and Glaycion sometimes compete for mana, and other times are an amazing compliment when I can set up a ton of red.

So, I just tossed that team into defense. I never really tried to design a defense team, so I often just toss in random offense or fun teams I have.


Any ennemy gen storm will render Bloodhammer doomstorm useless. It is far from being OP whitout it.


Believe it or not I’ve already ran with that team for about 20 matches, and it did work well enough. Like you, I found that Yao works well with Glaycion when they aren’t fighting for mana.

If nothing else, I think everybody can agree that these two troops give everybody something new to try. :slight_smile:


I admit I’ve only played with Bloodhammer a little, but what I found was that his doomstorm wins the game in one turn, so there’s no chance for the enemy to storm to override it. Maybe he’s just a major hit or miss kind of troop, but then that’s a different kind of game design problem too if that’s the case.


It takes much more than only 1 turn to get the first kill and then trigger the storm.

Troglodytes Aurai Ogryn etc or Sunbird can all disturb the doomstorm


I didn’t mean the first turn, but having his spell cast kill an enemy means that when the ensuing gems fall, there are going to be a ton of doomskulls, and it cascades into more explosions and more doomskulls and everything dies.

Like I said, not 100% but the case where all four enemies die in a single turn is not some rare unicorn either.


Ya I agree but before that actual turn comes it can take a while to fill the Legendaries and to kill the first troop, but when this is done it is pretty much game.

The doomskull team just isn’t as fast as Infernus team in PVP because it takes longer to fill troops that’s all.


No troop combo should work up a ‘cast one spell, erase 2-3 troops’ reliable routine… unless maybe both are mythic and serious set-up work is needed…

Edit: make that ‘cast one spell, erase 7 enemy troops in one cascade’ when facing 4x DrakeRider… wow :open_mouth:


Utterly ridiculous, the game has fallen into farce.


Still not as bad as THOSE STUPID GOBLINS THAT LOOP FOR 10 MINUTES UNTIL YOU DIE. I took in 4x Gob-Chomper I cast on Nobends it didn’t devour the ai took a single 3 match that then cascaded enough to fill Fizzbang and give her an extra turn and it was all over Nobends/Fizzbang/Grapplepot looped me to death I didn’t even get a second turn.


Seriously, screw goblins. The thing I hate is that it literally feels like fizzbang gets up (an with stealthy, she probably will at some point) and the game is tossing a coin on whether you win (useless stat increase) or lose (she explodes the board). Similar with Nobends.

Terrible, cancerous game design.


Yeah I have to say I enjoy losing to my own Doomstorm much, MUCH better than watching Fizzbang and Nobend tag-team each other, getting 15 explosions in a row, making 5 or 6 matches, going to the fridge and getting a drink, playing through an entire game of Ultima IV, then finally making a skull match to end the battle.

Bloodhammer sneezes, the entire board explodes, then the game is mercifully over and at least I get the consolation gold and can play a different match.


This team is really weak against a Mercy/Gard combo.


I’ve played the mirror match and the AI isn’t very good at piloting this team

Ok I give up. What team? Don’t see it referenced anywhere?