These two new Doomskull based legendaries are mythic level strong


The doomskull cascades are very powerful. I lost my entire team to an entangled and frozen mercy on the computers first turn with the storm going. It was fun to use for a bit, but I won’t be using it as my normal team


Mosey over to Youtube and watch Tacet the Terror. The team has a “core” so let’s talk about that as a general teambuilding strategy.

Some troops go really, REALLY well together. One core that’s been very popular against PvP meta is what I call “Infernish”: Divine Ishbaala / Infernus / Mercy. Ishbaala accelerates herself and Infernus, Mercy can fill both of them on turn 1 if you get lucky. There are a lot of different “good” choices for slot 1. Gorgotha tanks and fills. Diviner nets a team bonus and can enchant/buff. Khorvash is Khorvash and doesn’t block the other troops. Etc. ALL of these teams are very good. (I normally brag that I always give away my teams, but in this case the team is literally on Youtube and I think it’s very beneficial to watch the video to learn how it works. I also think if you tweak it by swapping in and out the troops I mentioned, you’ll get a really good feel. I don’t know which is the “best”. I’m using 4 or 5 variants and all are fun.)

The “core” for Doomskulls is Glaycion / King Bloodhammer. The other two troops almost don’t matter, but ideally you want them to be mana generators or some other kind of accelerator. Gorgotha, as always, is a good slot 1 choice. Other good choices include “something that can cleanse reliably and cheap without blocking the others”. There are 4 or 5 different iterations of this team that wreck. Ishbaala likes the team. Mercy likes the team. Trolls like the team. Ragnagord, Forest Guardian, the list goes ever onward.

All that matters is you can fill both Glaycion and Bloodhammer quickly. Once you set one off, they tend to feed each other.


We are lucky it could be worst, first version of bloodhammer 3rd trait was summoning storm on 4+ gems


Ya that one would have been so ridiculous because it would have overwrite any storm like Sunbird or Infernus one.

And Sunbird is so annoying vs Doomstorm team


Honestly, the way Doomstorm works, i actually find the kill version superior to the 4-match one.
I set up my Bayhammer cast, kill the first troop with it, get my Doomstorm, the board refills and it either kills additional troops right away, or i get to continue clearing and casting the enemy team into oblivion, all on my terms.
I’d rather not have it the other way where i take a 4-match, don’t get another one, no casts are ready, and the AI gets their turn with Skullstorm, no thanks.,


Yup but when doomskull storm would start it would always reset the timer every time you match 4 skulls


Yes i get how 4-match traits work :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t need an extensive amount of Doomstorm rounds, i just don’t want the Ai to have Doomstorm rounds and that works much better with the kill version…unless it doesn’t which happens sometimes…


As long AI suck with doomskulls creator we are safe, lol just fighted 2 team in GW and that was the 2 easiest battle, AI is so dumb it had glaycion and bloodhammer full mana and nerver cast


Yeah you don’t get what i’m trying to say but that’s ok. I don’t want the Ai to have a turn while Doomstorm is running regardless of what troop it runs.
Weren’t you the one sharing his experience with the Firebomb teams activating Doomstorm and then wrecking you? With a 4-match Doomstorm stuff like that would happen a lot more.
You not being in control when Doomstorm is running is the primary lose condition for a Doomie Team.


Do you know what my theory is? Because of Doomstorm… All regular skulls are Doomskulls as well… Hence the frequency of the “Doomskulls” doubles.

Just my 2 cents


Yeah i get what you said i was talking about the AI, with 4+ gems you could start battle with dskulls storms but now you need to lost a troop before it happen, it give you more respite time


Here they are in action decide for yourself if you think this meta isn’t crazy OP

My channel is now filled with videos like one of the doomskull team utterly destroying any and all meta defence teams it doesn’t matter it can’t be countered if you play smart until it get looping. I have lost once since I started using it - once! and that was a board and AI loop I wouldn’t have won with any team I think



As example lets say mercy refill infernus on first turn and it get 4+ gems so infernus ready to cast with doomskulls storm already. In the other case he just explode and need to kill you before storm.

First case is worst imo


I agree on it feeling overwhelmingly powerful once you start wrecking the enemy troops and was convinced that it was op.
But @Doordash_Support made me think more about it and Divines aren’t really slower than Doomies overall, with the same high win% and they are arguably less thought intense, you really just fire away without scanning the board much. The regular Doomskulls made Infernus even stronger than he used to be.
So i am torn on this tbh.


I just tested it against a couple of 3T teams in Ranked PvP using that team without even casting and once and it can wins 50% of the time just with the doom skull “storm” that inevitable happens lol. I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts but i sense a nerf will be coming to this team and fairly soon (unless they leave it like the justice league in which case PvP is about to get real boring really fast)


@Calv1n Not really cause AI suck with it so good team for invasion but bad for def

Justice league was very good in att and def so nothing comparable here


Well if they focus their nerf-efforts on Skullstorm i am ok with it. Maybe both legendaries can even get somewhat interesting traits then.


Probably true but I haven’t seen it in Defence much as of yet and also as I’m using it the odds of beating it are much higher (I find always using the same team vs the same the player wins most of the time) what made “justice league” so strong is I never used that team to fight it and it was so effective / powerful against so many different offensive teams at the time. I guess we’ll see how this one pans out in the coming weeks :thinking:


The problem is doomskull drop rate period. It is NOT 10% of all skulls, there is NO way it’s the case. Plz devs test it. So many players can testify that it looks way more like 1/8 of all gems that drops(it is at least that). It is not 1/70 (which would be 10% of all skulls which are 1/7 of all gems).

When a Doomstorm is active doomskull seems to be 25% of all gems that drop( which is 2x the 1/8 of all gems that drop).

No need to nerf anything on those Legendaries, just need to code the Doomskull drop rate so that it REALLY becomes 10% of all Skulls that drop and NOT 10% of all gems.

Nvm just tested several Gorgotha explosions and it doesn’t look like 10% of all gems either.

It is higher than 10% of all skull drop, I would say it is more like 20% of all skull drop.

That or maybe during a Doomstorm, both the whole skull category are dropping at twice their usual drop rate and on top of that Doomskulls are dropping at twice their usual drop rate so in practice doomskulls are dropping at 4 times their normal rate.

Or we are bias by the fact that Glaycion and Bloodhammer are creating so many doomskulls that when the doomskulls drops from the top even at a 2/70 drop rate they can easily match with other skulls or doomskulls.


Honestly for me basic Doomskull droprate seems fine.
I couldn’t tell if it averages out at 10% of Skulls, but it doesn’t seem drastically more than that in my games, definitely not a problem right now.
Doomstorm is another issue.