C'mon you cowards!


Invade me!

Some of have the Revenge Task to clear :stuck_out_tongue:


It’ll clear in 14 hours.

I’d invade you but the system won’t allow it.


I would, but I find you too invasive.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Come over to pc talkin that smak…
U be cryin 2 hrs later :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I joke


Be good if you could attack specific people. Currently cycling through people to invade and only getting 300 gold match ups


In-game name, Talia?
Mine is Rumble, like the pegasus colt from MLP.


TaliaParks is the in-game name. Hard to miss.


I haven’t seen Rumble when I PvP, but now that I know it’s you I’ll keep an eye out.


Turns out I needed to change my Defense team to encourage Invading.


the 3 Celestia Team with 3. Trait ? its really disgusting ( one of the Celestias boosted himself to 250~ Health others 100-200) its hard to beat them if they always use like 3 Heals in a row .

Was close to retreat but made it after ~ 15 Minutes and iam Level 940

its little op because AI cheat much and get many 4-5 Combos = all Shield


Yeah team isn’t fun, good thing I use 5 other Defense teams in a daily rotation. So you’ll be seeing the Celestasias in 3 days! :wink:


I put the Celestasias up because I traited them and they’re going to get nerfed so abuse them while I can. And if no one invades, no great loss anyway.


People aren’t scared of it and it gets beat more than it wins. I have much better teams, such as The Round Table, Holy Rollers and Thick Potato Skins.


Well I’m partial to Team #3 but soon should be sliding back to the more fearsome Team #2.


I’ll have my best team out to greet you :wink:


the Team isnt dangerous it just takes so much Time . I think it get the wins from the retreats. Some People see 3 Celestias with 100+ Health and say FU bye


It’s too bad you are on PS4 (iirc) because I never scout when I pvp, and I lose extremely rarely.


if you have VIP 3 or 4 you can see the Team without scouting


Depending on your team though there’s no reason to scout. I have a build like that on the PC. I know how to play it and it doesn’t matter who I’m facing cause it wins the same way regardless.


if you arent the worst Player ever its very hard to lose