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Once console gets the PVP patch I was thinking of putting together an annoying team to just avoid being attacked at all

I was thinking 4x Celestasia fully traited or Maybe 3x Celestasia and 1x Sunweaver?

The goal is not necessarily to win, simply to make people go, ehh i really don’t want to fight that.

Neither is that effective.

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You still have lots of time to plan. 1.095 console update won’t include the 2.0 PvP update.

As an aside: PLEASE Someone attack me! I normally run a fearless 4 pack of Peasants armed to the teeth with pitchforks. Since my last successful Defend Task on Friday? I have had 1 player Invade me in 4 days!

I’m strongly considering scrapping his three friends and let him solo the defend.

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Celestasia gets nerfed in the next update as she will only make 8 gems. It’s enough to be useful but won’t consistently trigger 4 matches.

Exactly my strategy. My current defend team is Celestasia, Venoxia, Moloch, Jarl. 3 Gem Spawners, 4 Traits that trigger on match-4s and 5s. It’s very slow but can be really annoying at times and that’s my goal there.

Poor Celestia

4x Scale Guard, fully traited

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That does sound like a pain in the neck!

It isn’t. You should swap one Scale Guard wit any supporter (like Prismatic Orb) to maximize effectiveness.

But even then it’s not too much of a hassle to beat that team.

Assuming the console team has been paying attention to the PC/mobile environment, it’s not really worth forcing other players to skip you. The penalty for losing a defense isn’t that extreme, and the rewards for winning a revenge are still pretty sweet.

Edit: @CSZ has a point that the scale guard team isn’t hard to beat. It is annoying enough that I skip over teams like that when I scout them.

Oh, I’m not going to deny that. I just had the assumption that the AI is luckier with Gem Spawners than a human player (which proved to be false BTW).

Edit: @Grundulum Scale Guards tend to wait like 4-5 turns before they start casting. And they have a bad habit of casting it to the first troop. In my case it’s the Herdmaster with Impervious so… yeah…

I assumed that the AI would be smart enough not to target an impervious troop if there were other options. That’s silly.

Do they wait until they are one attack away from dieing? I noticed that when the AI holds onto spells it will finally use it when my skull attack is greater than their remaining health/armour

@Robert I’ve noticed some things concerning AI troops that hold back their spells:

  • They fire a spell once I’ve killed a troop in their team (doesn’t matter which). This has always worked until now.
  • They fire a spell once a certain troop in my team is fully charged (not talking about mana drainers like Spider Queen). They also target that troop then.
  • Gem Remover that boost their spell usually wait until a certain amount of stones are on the field. But sometimes I witness something else: My valkyrie transforms all purple and then the enemy Knight Coronet fires anyway.
  • EDIT: I’ve seen your pattern not that much. Sometimes the enemy keeps it’s spell even at low health and is thus killed, before it can fire.

It doesn’t always happen like this, but I’ve seen those patterns often enough, especially the first one.

I’ll look out for those now!

The first one above; do they automatically fire a spell on the very next turn after you have killed a troop?

They always did on me.

Ah, I will check it out. I wonder how it is affected if more than one of AI troops has full mana; any logical order or dominant user etc.

I’m fairly certain this random targeting of troops is due to an iOS limitations of scripts. Unless Apple changes its guidelines they can’t use an intelligent scripted AI. All version are the same so this limitation applies on PC/Console as well.

But the AI won’t target Stealthy troops, right? What makes non-targeting of status-immune troops different from non-targeting of Stealthy troops? (I get that you probably can’t answer yourself. This was more idle musing since I don’t want to page the devs for something like this.)

Stealthy Troops aren’t even selectable, so the AI can’t even “accidentally” target them.