Why would you want to bore your players?

Why would you make an event that has turned pvp into a bombbot and drake rider feast? It’s so boring. Same teams every time. And a week of this garbage? I can’t take it. Let me know when this boring event is over. And shame on everyone that uses these teams even when it’s not an event. Your making this game dull as hell


Honestly, I wish there were a few more players on PS4 that bothered to put at least a couple brown troops on their PVP defense teams. I’m thankful for the occasion battles where I can get 3 or 4 event points and I’ll take 4x Drake Rider all day long.

If you’re a serious PVP player that is doing 500+ battles every week, I see your point, but those of us who regularly do a couple hundred need a little help to grind out those event points.


Players pick those teams to “help”. It’s not the devs’ fault players are completely uninspired and put up the lowest-effort possible team.

I have 2 brown troops on my defense team: Ketras and Ubastet

So I’m helping people with 2 event points :wink:

If they win, of course :sweat_smile:


Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

People cry when you don’t put up an event specific team to help them finish the event faster. Then others cry because it’s boring to fight the same couple teams over & over. There are other modes available that are not PvP you know…


I always put up a team that is easy to beat that helps others get the event done. I appreciate it when I find others doing the same thing but this week it seams like there is very few of us out there doing that.

I just checked and found that the game reverted my defense team to a different team (one I used last week) so I had to change it back again to 4 Fortress Gates to help others get this damn event done.

Hoping more people check their defense teams and change them likewise.


Are you serious? On xbox 98% Devine madness 1% psion Ragn 1% everything else combined. Not exaggerating.


Bring on the 4X Drake Rider. 8 stones per match yeehaw! Thanks to those to do.
PvP is a grind so why not help other players get event stones.
Plus I get lots of revenge matches.
If you find It boring pick another team to play, like one with Ubastet


Boring is already translating that are other battles(arena, casual etc.) in game, anyway if you dont like or you are bored dont play, dot :expressionless:


You seem to forget that it’s same teams as it is anyway? Full devines/troll n nyx/psion n famine …

I wish I came across people using those defence teams, actually helping the player base.

This event is almost as bad as the treasure hunt one. Having to rely on the good nature of other humans is quite a spectacular decision as most humans are selfish shits.

I now leave my def team as whatever team I use to do the daily tasks till tomorrow, todays is diffidently a pos so please get your easy win

I half agree. There is plenty of fault that should be given to the uninspired players. I like participating in the event days, but make sure it’s something interesting. For example, right now my defense team is Korvash, Ketras, Hero with Manacles and Troglodyte.

That being said, the devs could try to come up with ways that discourage (or at the very least, don’t reward) players for putting up those bad and uninspired teams.

I think a player should be able to use whatever they want since it’s their troops. If you don’t want to battle it move on to the next battle. I’m happy with an easy win from time to time. Other people just seem to want to complain.


Don’t forget there are other player behaviors on the table. I got tired of beating this drum and decided if I kept pushing for more fun things to do with PvP defense I’d be bitter and angry forever.

  • Some players are competing for the PvP leaderboard. Losses hurt them, so they don’t post an event team.
  • Some players are clueless and don’t even read in-game tutorials when they do exist.
  • Some players are trolls and will always post a team that is NOT an event team.

Everything the devs do will be a try. Even if you got a free mythic every week for doing this, there are people that would do something different. :confused: The only way to make an all-event-team PvP is to force defense teams to implement the event rules, but even then plenty of people will just do 4x something.

I by no means think players should be forced at all (and I don’t believe my post suggests that they should be forced), but the game could be designed to reward different play. Players would still be free to make whatever team they wanted. At the moment however, it is not designed that way at all.