If my defense team is too good

… and everyone who is about to get beat quits out rather than risk losing a trophy, do I lose the rewards? If so, why?

The devs said a while back that force exit still counts as a full win, but from my experience it counts as if the battle didn’t exist.

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It definitely doesn’t exist. There’s no way to play for three hours and get two defense wins and 3 losses. Especially, when I’m playing the same opponents over and over and over again. The numbers should be much higher IMO

At the same time this is going on, my phone alt hero is having to defend against level 1 guys who haven’t even completed the tutorial. I smell a rat.

maybe it is that Peruvian AI rat out to get ya?

The fights not counting makes sense. I average 50-75 Invasions a day and will typically get less than 10 defense wins and losses combined.

Most players probably run for the hills when they see my Team, or they play it and start getting crushed and then quit out.

Now that battles don’t cost gold, you bet your booty that I will retreat rather than slog through another, e.g., multiple-Celestasia team again.

My team doesn’t have any Celestasias in it; in fact, it has nothing that started higher than an ultra-rare. Currently it has ascended to one legendary and three epics. It got a big buff in the latest patch (not my doing), and I have yet to see a single defense since the patch went live.

FWIW, I can dispatch an all-Celestasia team in 3-5 min. They are far from being my most challenging enemies right now.

Care to share your secret? A 5-minute win sounds pretty awesome given my previous experience with them.

Of course after I wrote the OP I got two defenses! As for Celestasia, just play my team when you get me to invade, I am using the same team on offense and defense. My team never really had a problem with the true shot + agile combo everyone else was whining about, and as I said above it was buffed in the patch.