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I was just poached again…3 members but I have PROOF that one was poached by a top guild…Should I call out these sorry “leaders” or let it be?

I’m lost. Please explain?

Higher guilds coming to lower or struggling guilds snatching up their players…should the people doing this be called out for it?

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That’s right, I am just getting BEYOND annoyed with this crap…Shouldn’t there be guidelines against poaching?

I don’t really see a problem with poaching. GoW players are not under contract, and they have no obligation to stay with a particular guild (exception: if you spent your early game with a guild, reaping rewards while your own gold went toward kingdom levels rather than guild tasks). If you’re a contributing member of a guild, and you want to move to a different guild, I’m not sure why there should be a stigma associated with it.


That is not the point…Higher guilds looking around with the purpose to take/tempt other players to further their already dominate guilds is a pathetic thing to do. and in a lot of those cases they drop poached players shortly after getting them.

Us developers have always had a firm stance of not stepping into guild politics and disputes. If players wish to leave guilds and join new ones, that is their decision. Any choices that they make is at their discretion. As such, there is no policy in place to punish players from joining new guilds.


People need to keep in mind it’s only a game. It’s not a real army where you do
Prison if you quit lol


How else are top guilds supposed to replenish their ranks? People burn out or don’t make guild requirements and need to be replaced. That leaves slots to be filled, and it’s no surprise that these guilds would look to high-performing players in other guilds.

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While I do respect your stance on this issue, I see the other side of it as well. Ive seen some pretty shameless practices when it comes to things like member poaching and even Guild jumping.

Part of me wishes you guys would do more about these issues, but the other part understands that it’s very tricky. It’s not only a bit messy, but a slippery slope problem as well. If you found a way to “crack down” on things like this, people might ask: Well, where is the line? How much policing is too much? Things likes that.

Those are difficult questions to answer. And if whole governments can’t even figure that out, I wouldn’t expect a game development team to know the answer. And, honestly, as @Rickygervais said, at the end of the day, it is “just” a game, even if we do put a lot of ourselves into it.


Seriously, this.

But more importantly, you can’t poach a player that is happy with the guild they are currently in. If the player leaves, it’s because they are looking for a different or new experience. There is nothing wrong with people leaving to join a guild that meets their needs as long as everyone involved is being truthful.


You’re upset with the wrong people. It’s like when someone’s partner cheats on them and they get into a fight with the person they cheated WITH instead of their partner.


No it’s fk"d up by both of them…

No. No one signed a contract with you. Players are free to go where they want whenever they want. You don’t own them and they don’t owe you. Get over yourself.


Rude people like you are the reason I have almost stopped posting on this site…Yes they can go where ever…but people swooping in and tempting players away is pretty distasteful…

Criticizing the practice of poaching =/= saying people have no right to change guilds.


LOL this is ridiculous…one year ago people were against poaching as much as I am…guess people go with the popularity flow.

I’m not the one being rude. You’re the one having a temper tantrum because people have chosen to leave your guild. If your behavior as a guild master is anything like your attitude in this thread, it’s no wonder.