Poll to show how many guilds/guild members do not like or support poaching

  • I do not poach (Guild Leaders select this)
  • I do not like being contacted by poachers (Guild Members select this)

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We all know what poachers are right? If not. Poachers or poaching is the act of stealing members from another guild. So regardless if you are a member in a guild or a guild leader who doesn’t like or support poaching. Sign the poll. If you are a guild leader you may leave your guild name and platform in a post, if you wish to openly show your support.

This thread is not for those who like or deem poaching acceptable. Rather, to get a idea how many people or guilds there are that do not do it or support it. So please keep your replies civil.

To some or even many this may seem pointless. I’m just taking a peek at the community by doing this.

Gizmo likes cookies but there is no option 3


I generally dont do this but not because i feel its wrong just because i have never needed to…

Guild leader
Gems of the Ostfront


To be useful this poll really should allow options for ‘I think poaching is fine’ and ‘I don’t care’. As it currently is, there’s no sense of who isn’t voting.

For the record I think poaching is here to stay, I don’t see how anything could be done about it. I’ve mixed views on how fair or ethical it is.


I don’t poach (guild leader here), but primarily because my guild takes a more lax approach. Finding the best contributors would be counterproductive because they’re the most likely to guild-hop once they realize we’re not aiming to be “the best”.

We don’t even have gold requirements, so that can be a huge turn-off for some players. Better to advertise as well as I can and wait for like minded players to take an interest, it’s worked out so far. :grinning:


@Zelfore sounds like we lead very similar guilds😎 what guild do you lead brudda?

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I know you were asking someone else here. Just wanted to say I got a curious reply on PS4. The guild leader said ‘everyone poaches in GoW’. So I was compelled to poke the community to see how others felt.

Final Fantasy, it’s currently ranked 53 in the league.
We do still have requirements, mind you, just not for gold.
And I’m not going to kick anyone out for one week of missed requirements, so we’re pretty lax in that regard.


I am the GL for quimby, bracket 1 guild and I have never poached or supported poaching. In fact I was very vocal and started my own thread when my guild was subjected to constant requests from maximus and his cronies from shining farce.
There were other shenanigans too that actually ended up in a support ticket being filed but I’m not commenting on that.
Its cheap and not cool.


Unfortunately poaching is common, at least on the PS4. I can’t see why people can’t stick to the forum or in game chat. If the player is not in a guild then by all means message them directly. The Lost Morals guild are notorious for attempting to poach.


Yes for some guilds I was just curious how other people or guilds felt. Just me poking the community a bit for an answer <3

Some of the Lost winds obviously either don’t understand their leader, don’t respect him or blatantly just don’t give a shit. They’re still doing it now. That erazor guy can piss right off. I have NO respect for those types whatsoever.


poaching here means asking to join right? not exactly stealing if they move on their own free will. they may looking for better place or unhappy with current situation.

poaching may be kind of a dick move, but if they leave you and join the poacher, didn’t you ask yourself, what did you do wrong?


No, it’s spamming people who are already in other guilds, are usually very happy where they are, who happen to be in the top 100 pvp rankings and hassling/pestering them to join their guild and sometimes being a little bit “economical” with their requirements and then booting them a few weeks later when they find someone ‘better’.


If people are ‘unhappy’ or ‘looking for a better guild’ then they can find one easily enough. There’s loads of recruitment threads on here & you only have to click on chat to see various people recruiting in-game.
Or as a radical Idea - they could always message their guild leader & actually talk to them!
What they don’t need is messages from people they don’t know trying to turn their heads or persuade them to leave - that is poaching & is a crappy underhanded tactic…


This is mostly a console problem, as people on the leader boards can be messaged directly, despite being in a guild.

On PC, you can’t PM, and if they are in a guild you can’t spam guild invites at them.

It is probably tiring/stressful for GM’s and members alike. Not on console myself though.


I didn’t know that in that case would be nice if they made it similar to the PC version in that way. As it does get out of hand at times. And not just talking about me or my guild, just overall

Side thought not linked to you, just wondering about the mods. Also curious why the thread was moved over to ‘Guild Wars’ when it was put in the general Gems of War section. This isn’t even about Guild Wars or its features lol.

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Poaching is a fact of life it happens in real life especially in business every day all over the world. Want to know how to protect yourself from it? It’s really easy take care of your talent / people and you’ll never have to worry about it. They will still be approached but they won’t leave. If you are losing people to poaching you have to ask yourself what are you doing wrong as a leader IMO.


Actually if poaching happens especially in top companies. It often ruins the relations of that company towards the other company and potentially more. It does not go without risks in of itself. So while you see poaching as valid. Most top businesses will not do it for the sake of endangering its operating procedures. Otherwise you’d see so many more CEO’s and board members swapping businesses like fish to a new pond. And truthfully it doesn’t happen as much as you think. So its not a very good example. As real life its not just something frowned upon, but comes with risks. Online its only frowned upon, there really are no risks. Unless guilds actively just start shunning that guild. Though for GoW that wouldn’t impact a guild in the least.

(I mentioned CEO’s and board members as in real life no business tries poaching normal employees. Nor does it really matter to them to do so.) So to make your example more logical in perspective to that of GoW you would have to examine it like a board and CEO.

I Don’t tolerate poachers at all