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Just a little warning. "ShipJumpers"

I have had issues with some leaving My guild for"greener pastures" and each has their own reason and I won’t name names out of common decency. But It’s not only Me and Crimson Sky having these issues…it’s happening a LOT in the mid to top guilds…Some are just not satisfied…and that’s fine…But there IS a LOT of poaching going on as well…as confirmed from some other leaders…for mid to high tier guilds…watch your people…and to the Upper echelon of guilds…you know where you are…your guilds are good enough without making other guilds suffer…and to the ones jumping ship from a more relaxed guild to the" big boys" Things are not the same there…you may screw up and get kicked and look to go “home” Good luck…because I am sure other guilds are as unforgiving as My own…you won’t have a home to come back to…

And on a personal note, I have a lot of proof that the some of the ones that decided to leave Crimson Sky. are talking Major $hit telling other guilds and recruits that I am a very bad leader…That’s not cool…that crap won’t float in public…that’s why cowards hide.

That’s it guys…Poaching and shipjumping is at an all time high.

Remember, if they jump ship TO you…they have the tendency to jump away just as easily.


I have been in the same top 10 guild for over a year now, and have seen the shenanigans which you mention. All I would say is if you leave a guild always show humility, be courteous, don’t say good riddance and burn any bridges. Gems is a tight knit community, and you never know when you might need help from somebody you have previously burned.


I understand that a lot of people who run the competitive guilds put A LOT of work into running their guilds. I like my guild, but if I want to leave I can just click a button and leave. That happens all the time. No-one is obligated to stay in a guild because of loyalty.


GW is all about competition, so this is the kind of behavior it’s going to encourage. To recruit, either you’re casual AF or competitive AF, no one really wants a guild that’s in-between.

The part that ticks me off is trash talk. Don’t do that, guys. It’s obvious why you leave a guild, just have fun in the new one.


The idea of poaching has always confused me a little because it implies ownership. No one can “poach” a player that wasn’t first already thinking or looking for a change. Every person in this game has the right to find a place where they feel comfortable playing and that meets the needs of their level of play. They also have the right to change their mind about where they feel comfortable or how much they feel they can play, and nobody should be made to feel bad for making decisions that benefit them.

That being said there is a right way and a wrong way to leave a guild. To me, if you’re going to leave the guild you should do so on Sunday, but only after giving 100% to the guild that you’re in up until the day you leave. You should also not shit talk your previous guild, I’ve seen many people do it in global and trust me they do not look cool no matter how desperately they want to. If you don’t like someone, just don’t talk too them, easy peasy. And lastly, always thank the guild you’re leaving behind, they stood by you and fight along side you, and that should mean something. Even if it’s not the place for you now, it once was, and that should be acknowledged.

Happy gaming!


I disagree. Being an in-between guild can be done but it’s a lot more work to maintain & you have to expect turn over at least for a while until you get your stable core. Keeping competitive players is tough because inevitably they want more rewards for the time & effort that they put in and you’ll lose casual players because they can’t keep up with your reqs. And recruiting can be a nightmare at times trying to compete with guilds offering more rewards or a higher rank.

30 Secs 2 Match has been this in-between guild for ages. Sure we started off more casual and we’ve evolved into somewhat more competitive than before. Our reqs are still one of the lowest for our ranking at 62. We started around rank 150ish when I joined almost 2 years ago and had achieved around 48 at our peak but have fallen since because of numerous grinding guilds popping up. But we have a large number of players who have been with us for 6 months to 2 years even though the last founding member stepped out less than 2 months ago. We have very little turn over relative to most other guilds that I’d like to attribute to our atmosphere that has kept a large number of over achievers with us and keeps our more casual segment contributing.

We’re not perfect by any means and we still get guildhoppers that use us as a stepping stone and leeches to get some fast rewards, and members who want to try out greener pastures or can’t keep up any more. But almost 2/3 of us are level 1k+ and have been in the guild over a year. We also have players return to use when they realize the pastures aren’t always greener or when their real life issues resolve because they know they have a place to return to if they haven’t burned their bridge.

The short of it is for this type of guild to work recruits have to understand what they’re joining and not have grand expectations because they weren’t properly vetted and think the guild is more competitive or casual than it really is. Know something about who you’re recruiting. When recruiting one of my first questions before I even gave them what our reqs were would always be “what are you looking for in a guild”. If they were too impatient to answer properly or their answer was far above or below what we could provide I simply suggested we weren’t the fit for them.

If guilds weren’t so desperate to just fill in bodies without knowing who they were bringing in-house, there wouldn’t be as much guild hopping. If players wouldn’t over-reach their activity levels they wouldn’t get chewed up & spit out in the competitve guilds so that those guilds have to constantly be recruiting.

Vet your recruits, make sure they’re on the same page as your guild and provide them with a reason to be invested long term. But expect to have to work to maintain it.


Completely agree with @Flakricket. So many good points.

  1. Part of being in a multi-guild family is having people moving up or down depending on their level of commitment. If I got angry every time I lost a good GW player to I1, I’d be a rather bitter man. Screw that. If they fit better there, and can make those requirements, more power to them. After all, we’re the first stop for people looking to move down from I1, and we have the same understanding with I3.
  2. There’s not a single guild that fits one player perfectly. There are multiple stages of what experience, skill, and grinding you can offer as you progress in the game. Moving to a new guild more in line with your current offerings shouldn’t be ostracized or punished. Bullying people for trying to maximize their advantage is just a dick move.
  3. Being polite with the people you surround yourself with goes a long way. I was in 30S2M before I joined Intrim years ago and I have nothing bad to say about them. I love it when people who leave the Intrim family state their intentions and finish up the week in GW. It’s hella pleasant when people who move to I1 or I3 send me a quick message of appreciation. These simple things make the game a far more pleasant place.
  4. Contrariwise, trying to control who people talk to, ostracizing your ex-guildmates, and trying to enforce your view that “X is a pariah and not to be trusted”, “Y probably cheats, no way anyone is that good”, or “Z left for another guild and is not welcome back” doesn’t make you look like a strong leader. It makes you look like a pompous, overly-controlling narcissist. No one should have to put up with that shit in a match 3 game.

couldn’t have put this better, myself.

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Wow! I didn’t know that! Showing your age a bit there if you left before I joined! You can’t be as much of a jerk as you seem to be if you’ve got those fine heritage roots…:wink: you should come back to us, we’ll have a spot that one of our members was nice enough to forewarn they’ll be vacating at the end of the week to re-enter real life permanently. Then we can hear all the horror stories you have to share about Intrim. And bring @Glenna back with you too - I’m sure we can figure something out. :smiling_imp:

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You likely didn’t notice me, I was picked up by Intrim at level 90 or so. 30S2M doesn’t offer the rewards I’m interested in this stage, and I’m quite happy as GM of Intrim 2. I can only assume your invitation is steeped in sarcasm, as I just said I have nothing bad to say about my old guild, and Intrim-bashing is not and will never be a way to win me over.

I also 100% agree with @Flakricket’s post and don’t think I could say anything better. In summary when leaving a guild do it after all your GW’s and Reqs are complete on Sunday. Say good buy to everyone in a nice way (don’t burn bridges) and don’t trash talk people (it makes people not trust you).

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Yes - irony, sarcasm, humor, all of it. Guess I tried to be too funny and humorously promote the good suggestions you and @Flakricket made at the same time so it jumbled. My bad. I fail!

I have nothing bad to say about Intrim either and I wouldn’t want it to be misconstrued that I’m actually trying to poach their members or dissing them because I’m not and wouldn’t. And I don’t honestly think you’re a jerk at all. Perhaps lacking a joke-detector, unless of course you just turned this all around on me as a joke to make me feel insecure about mine…hrm…damn!

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Hey, my bad. It’s tough to decipher tone in written text. Poe’s Law and whatnot.

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No worries!

Psst - got any management positions available up there? Need to keep this on the down low though so I can leave my guild leaderless for 30 days or so…:wink:

I see the winky face. I’m learning.

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I read your poe’s law link so I’m learning too!

Ok - I derailed this enough. Sorry. Back to the topic at hand.

I like your thinking but if the bold part was true, then Multi billion dollar agency companies throughout all walks of professional life, sports and media would be pointless and cease to exist…and sadly they’re not.


The same hold true for any company. If a person doesn’t have cause or want to leave money won’t make a difference

Big agree, Shadyady!

Also, if you’re going to leave a Guild, at least have the honor and courtesy of letting the membership know rather than just ghosting on the guild that’s invested their time and effort and kindness to bring you in and help you grow.

Flak… I will say in my mind that poaching is when someone who has within a reasonably certain bit of clarity expressed an interest in “Guild ABC” and there is discussion btw that person and the Guild recruiter, and someone from “Guild XYZ” snaps up the person from under the nose of the recruiter from “Guild ABC”.

It’s not too difficult to read and figure out that that person who’s looking for a guild is in discussion/negotiation with said first guild, and I would never purposely deem to take that person out from under someone else’s nose. I find it to be dishonorable.

Also, another ideology I have with regard to poaching is when someone has had “behind-the-scenes” discussions with another Guild while still being in that first Guild. Whether the discussion is initiated by the person looking or by XYZ Guild, of course is uncertain. But, if the result is that XYZ’s taken a person from ABC without ABC’s prior knowledge that the person wants to leave that guild, then that too to me is considered poaching.

On a roll here… Brain’s been stagnant for the past week during my recovery, but on that similar vein, if someone in global is already in a Guild and yet they’re pounced on to join a different guild simply because of a casual comment made that they are having some small issues with their Guild… That to me is poaching. The person jumping upon that comment as some sort of PERCEIVED queue that the person making said comment wants to leave their Guild simply over that issue, which is wrong, could be considered poaching.

Sometimes/many times, people have small issues with their Guild, it happens. BUT, most times at least if there is communication within the Guild, those issues can be resolved internally without the person being pulled at by an external source to leave the Guild.