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Who is the biggest guild jumper ever?

@RiverSong comes to mind. But I don’t think she beats me, I jumped Guilds like 10 times in 5 years.

I’ve been in 2 in 3 years. Started in a small rl family guild for about 8 months and have been in my current guild since.

Much as I’d like to give you the title, @Eika , I think it’s probably either me or tech.

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How many times did you jump then?

Somewhere between 15-20. It’s been 6 years and I’ve forgotten some of the early ones.

Wow. What was the main reason that you jumped so much? That is a lot.

There were lots of reasons. It’s not something I care to discuss in public.

I see. Here it was mostly because I needed a break from the hardcore guilds and then jumped into more casual guilds from time to time. I left Black Dragon once in the worst possible way as a GM, that I am not proud of, but @madking took good care of it, the one I selected for a GM back then in a hurry before I left, and God knows who is managing it now. I believe that was back when the devs allowed Alliances for Guild Wars, a long time ago. Which was the last straw for me. But no excuses for it. We are all humans after all…

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On Xbox, I have seen several notorious guild jumpers who never spend more than a few days in any one guild. Not going to name them as callouts are forbidden here.

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I have not seen much in the way of guild hoppers in the guild I am in. We used to have them but they tend to go where there is drama. You won’t find that here where I’m at thankfully. :sunglasses:

Not me xD

Intrim 4eva! Lulz


I know it’s not me. I found my “forever home” :joy: very quickly. I don’t count the 2 or 3 guilds I tried as a newbie that were dead.

I must have been in a dozen guilds or more. I’m on and off with the game. I’ll play a lot for a few months so I’ll seek out a guild that does a lot of tasks. Then I’ll be more relaxed for a while so I’ll jump to a guild with low minimums.

Rinse and repeat for five years. That’s a lot of guilds.

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I think we’re all off topic.

Anyway. I’ve been in two guilds that I can remember. There might’ve been some extremely casual insignificant ones in early days but if anyone can remember me in them I’d be dutifully impressed. I was in Final Fantasy (no relation AFAIK) which was #8 or so at the time… there for a couple months then moved to MM which was #1 at the time and we know the rest.

If only I could convince Matty @MatrimCauthon to jump!!! :smiling_imp::kissing_heart:


Hmm…let me count.

Smirking Cat Inn
Light Army
Hoguns Legionnaires
Hoguns Paladins
Gems 'N Roses
Sons of Chaos
Marthos Guardians

in 2.5 years.

I’ve been in 6 guilds in about 6 months. First was a dead guild then 30 Secs 2 Match for a few weeks and then Riverford for around 4 months and then Dragons Peak for about a month and then Royal Fire for a few weeks and finally to my forever home of Hoguns. It’s been almost 4 years since I joined Hoguns and everytime I come back from a break I always return to my home.

I think you were there for a couple of weeks at the most before going back to Hoguns.


Light Army
Royal Fire
Black Dragon
Forgot the name
Mean Machine
Black Dragon
NowayJoe Guild Family
Krystara Keepers Guild Family
ThroneOfOdin Guild Family
Krystara Keepers Guild Family

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Been in Carnivores for 817 days now. Before that I was in Intrim II for about a month. Before that I was in some Russian guild with like 3 active players.

I’m almost certain it would still be @en9nhcet. Definitely if you count switching back and forth within a few guilds as jumping, but even if you just count a list of different guilds.

I also agree that @RiverSong would likely be second.