Willows GM around?

I’m trying to reach the Guildmaster of Willows (mobile/PC). If anyone from Willows sees this can they have them pm me on here when they get a chance? Or even someone who can speak for them would be a start.


I know @Interstellarlunatic does recruiting for them. Maybe they can respond.

Thanks - I tried to contact them but their last activity was over a week ago and last recruitment was more than 3 weeks ago. So not sure if they’re still a member or the GM or not.

I’m no longer a part of willows… and not quite sure if the GM is a part of the forums.

Kind of what I was afraid of…

Don’t suppose you have any old contacts from Willows you could put me in touch with on the forums that I can work my way up to him, do you?

It would be SOOO nice to have the ability to find people and contact them directly in-game…

Sorry to bother you then Interstellar. My fault!

It’s no problem @Zippity! @vanyel I recommend the Facebook GoW page.

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If you go to the gems of war facebook group you can probably get Dark Helmet there, or a better response I know several of them are reguraly on there

Thanks for the heads up - unfortunately I don’t have facebook. Good to know who the GM is though - that’s more than I knew before.